Sunday……..Labor day Weekend

So it has been kind of a long week. The person that is my longest time friend had a tough tough week. Lisa- my childhood and forever friend lost her significant other Tuesday morning in a motorcycle vs. deer accident. It is never good when a phone call isn’t answered and a sheriff shows up. Lisa has had a shit week and today is her birthday. Terri and I will go to Russ’ funeral on Tuesday. It is a graveside ceremony about 4 and 1/2 hours from here.


Well I was hoping I would be harvesting like crazy out of the garden… nope…

We are getting some green beans..but only enough to get a meal once a week.  We have had potatoes, I will dig those this weekend.  We have onions and a few tomatoes.  We had blossom rot on a 1/2 dozen or so and the ones that didn’t have that, are cracking at the tops…not sure about that.  Got real educated on Squash beetles and have formed a plan for next year….they are devastating to say the least..  We have had three cucumbers so far.  We have a good dozen or so pumpkins, I ate an acorn squash last night for supper.  But we will do better next year.

It was an educational year on the garden 😉  but that is ok- a person has to start somewhere and thankfully with a garden, the main thing is time….you are out time if you don’t succeed.. but success- it can be looked on as it was successful because we learned a few things.

We golfed Friday night with friends.  We were able to see Jupiter and Saturn line up with the moon.  That was cool.  I shared the app on my phone that I use to figure out what is what as I am sky gazing.  StarMap 3D+ is the app.  Everyone thought it was super cool.

Saturday Cade & Kate came to visit.  They are so fun.  They don’t get good naps while they are here but they sure have fun.  They spent Sunday with us too!

Cade is very tight with Grandpa Jeff and when he gets sad he cries saying that he misses Grandpa Jeff.. Travis said he got up at 3 am and wandered around the house yelling for grandpa Jeff.  Scared Travis and Kelsey..  Ahh…but they sure have fun together.

There is a friend (aquaintance) south of town that posted on facebook last summer and again this summer- that her pool is open and that it is a no judgement zone.  I didn’t go last year but decided what the heck and went this year.  I have went three times and it has been wonderful.  It is a very large doughboy brand pool that has a depth of around 10′.  It is an “above” ground pool, but is one of the few on the market that actually could be totally dug in if you wanted to do that.  But theirs is a gradual slope and is large enough to have at least 10 ladies on floats in it (oh and the dog Boomer on his float).  I have spent a couple of saturdays there, drinking beer, and swimming.  I went last night for an hour and swam too.

It is a great form of exercise and it actually improves my mobility as far as reaching and stretching remarkably.

Boomer, their dog, is the dad to Travis & Kelsey’s dog June.  Turns out that Boomer was owned by the neighbors of the pool owners.  Boomer would come to the grove and bark at them…then he would come to the yard and visit.  They have dogs, they have dog doors…Apparently Boomer became theirs when they woke up and he was in bed with them.  Phil and Bobbi Jo put Boomers vet information in their mail Boomer, the sweet Australian Shepherd now belongs to the Shorts.  The dog made the choice….He is attached to Michelle.  I mean he worships her and loves her beyond belief.  I have never seen a dog need someone like he needs her.

Well time to embrace this friday and get to work.

Friday- Yay!

Another week in the books.  I started walking as much as possible this last week.  Logging 4-6 miles per day on my watch.  I woke early today to walk, but it is foggy.  Way to foggy.  People are distracted enough with their phones…I wouldn’t want to be out there with that and the fog…

I have set a healthy goal to take off 50 lbs in 18 months.  I didn’t want to shock my body too much by doing it too fast… seriously, this whole making your body say WTF is not for the faint of heart..

On occasion, I have what I call my God moments…they are times when I feel I HAVE TO, ABSOLUTELY MUST be somewhere at a certain leaves me feeling compulsive and weird..

I have NOT been in walmart since the pandemic started.  Yesterday, all day, I thought, I need to go to Walmart.  I will go right after work…Well, I am a compulsive list maker and if I go to any store, I make it worth the stop.   So here I am at walmart last night.  I pull in the lot and Travis calls.  I cut the call short because I NEED to go into walmart.  I donned my N95 mask (owned pre pandemic) and cloth mask over that.  I am wearing a baseball cap and seriously thought about wearing safety glasses…but didn’t.

I went to the cleaning section looking for clorox wipes.  there wasn’t any, but I did find a can of lysol…small win.

I went through the store, not touching anything or really buying anything.  I bought 3 six packs of pop and a make up brush.. I have no idea what my huge expectations were of this walmart trip, but I truly felt almost deflated as I went towards the checkout.

They have a bin of what I call “movie candy” they are in the boxes.  Mike n Ikes, hot tamales etc.  Well Hot Tomales are my go to candy since I quit smoking.  I spied a pop cooler on the other side of it by a closed checkout lane.  Grabbed a diet coke and was looking for Hot Tamales in the bin when I overheard an elderly woman on the phone a little ways away from me.  She said to her phone- I told you, I do not have $500.  I am buying you as many gift cards as I can.          BOOM! this was why I was here.

I went immediately to the nearest available associate (empty checkout lane) and explained what I had heard and she called the manager up she said that all associates go through training on this.. (cool, sad, but cool) .  By this time the lady and all her gift cards were being rung up 2 lanes over.  I told the manager what I had heard and expressed that I was VERY concerned.  He disappeared and I left the store.  I observed the single enter/exit door and the lady never came out.  But a police man did come.  So it is my hopes that all is well and that I saved the lady some of her money….

So I had to buy a better make up brush for blending.  I have a few, but they just didn’t blend as well as I desperately needed them to.  Wednesday, I went for a walk early morning, showered, worked, went to the bathroom and glanced in the mirror as I was washing my hands.  It was dim in the bathroom and I thought what is on my eye?  Near as I can figure, I must have got bit on my walk.  I had a purple red mark coming from the corner of my left eye that was around an inch or so..nice… I sent Jeff a picture and he was like WOW..what happened?  Yep, no clue…no real swelling, no itching…just looks like I lost a fight.

Terri brought me concealer and her blender brush and her dark powder.. I had concealer and a brush, but no clue how to use them.  Terri gave me makeup 101 session and her dark powder was about 6 shades lighter than my powder.  So between Terri’s brush, her concealer, my concealer, my real dark powder and blush, I was able to cover it in no time.  The gals at golf said we did a really good job concealing it.  I showed them before pictures…



Somedays being me is more interesting than other days of being me….

Thursday the 23rd of July……

Thanks to all that reached out during my self inflicted hiatus.  Sometimes you need perspective and foresight when the road becomes unfamiliar.  I spent the last 22 days looking for that perspective and foresight.  When I wrote last, July 1, I think I was pretty much in a very odd state, but holding things mentally together in a very Dawn-like manner 😉

It is a matter of conquering and surviving and flourishing….I had to conquer a demon, I have survived it and now I am working on the flourishing part!

Anyone that has smoked a cigarette can tell you what a demon they are….how they plan your day for you…control that you wash your clothes constantly (even heavy winter coats) for fear that the cigarette smell will cause people to ostracize you… If you have been there, YOU TOTALLY GET IT… If you haven’t been there- then I say hats off to you for being so smart to start with.

So as of tomorrow, the 24th of July, it will be a full month complete free of cigarettes.  I know!  I almost hurt myself, patting oneself on the back isn’t always easy.  just over a pack a day for over 40 years…the era is over..

I will say, this went smooth as silk.  That is all I have.  I fully expected the tears, the anger, the anxious etc that I had 20 plus years ago when I quit the last time….and failed.  Well this time, I am good, I am mentally happy, solid, etc.  Not moody not angry – just fine, I am fine…

But my body on the other hand is pissed as hell… while my attitude and steadfastness of not smoking is surviving- I had to make a Dr. appointment to inquire about all the stuff that was going down with my body…

Wide awake at midnight…. at 3 am…. tired as hell all day.  Didn’t have gumption or ambition or give a shitness to much of anything.  Jeff actually wondered if I had a stroke the way my mind was not working!  So I went to the Dr. with a LIST….if you know me, you know I don’t go to the Dr…but this, THIS had me scratching my head wondering why I have had diareaha for 3 weeks…..and would it actually stop?  Would I stop standing in a daze?  Would I sleep through the night?  Would my voice return to normal instead of sounding like F-ING micky mouse?  Would the glands in my throat go down so I don’t look like I have mumps?

I was reassured that in 30-60 days that my body would level out…. I go back in November to discuss further….

So aptly reassured that my shit for brains was only temporary- I will write 😉  my shit for brains is truly getting better each day…

Here is my thoughts…Jeff and I smoke Seneca Cigarettes which are out of New york by native americans.  We go to Nebraska and buy these.. I truly think that the rez smokes have less chemicals and addictive properties in them and that was why it was basically fairly easy to quit… I may have been toilet bound…and shit for brains, but the insane cravings were not there…  A friend of mine said just you remember Dawn…. The cravings will come and they will go.  This will happen weather you have a cigarette or not.  Good solid advice and true!

We are still learning garden stuff…but the cukes are coming, the pumpkins thrill me every time I look at them and the acorn squash are coming… We will do better next year.  But I feel that this was a great learning experience.  img_6568img_6567img_6564img_6563img_6562img_6561img_6565

Life is what you make it…so make it great- even if it is only in your head 😉  Now next demon is the excess 50 lbs that seemed to show up…. my feet hurt cause I am 50 lbs over my “comfortable weight” not the weight I should be…the weight that is comfortable… So I will go after that one pound at a time…I am giving myself 18 months to get rid of that…

Soon, I will be able to out run the grandkids….even if they should elect to be distance runners… (they are little so anything is distance right??)img_6566




Times…they are a changing….

Perhaps the world is in a place that people can’t distinguish themselves from others through greatness?  Remember when teachers, scientists, fire fighters, police etc. were people to look up to?  What is with all the anger in this world right now?  I am beginning to think that people do not want equal rights…they want total control of other people.  It is a scary time.  I am tired.  I am tired of each movement that tends to put separation between people rather than joining them.  I feel that everyone matters, but if you are a destructive asshole, you should be treated to prison time.  People are killing each other, looting, tearing down statues, defacing national monuments…these people are terrorists…they are not working towards anything better…

I have been friends with the mayor of our town for years and years…I finally had to unfollow her on facebook because of her verbal views.  Gosh, I really treasure her, but her ideas are vastly different than mine…I often wonder if she realizes that she is basically calling me an inbred lunatic by some of her posts.  I respect and understand her point of view and I would never disrespect her beliefs, but there comes a point when you get tired of the name calling and nastiness that is generalized and truly fits you and your beliefs.  I am not saying I am a better person, I am just saying I have more respect for others…I would not intentionally be mean, and maybe she has no clue how mean she is being to others?

It is great that you support a particular person, a particular group, you want equal rights for all.  But when it comes to various issues, are you willing to step on others rights and beliefs because they don’t necessarily align with yours?  People are basically vilifying each other and trying to get their cause to the top.  Every time I see the news and destruction, it makes me distrust people even more than I had previously.  How can this destruction and lawlessness help our country?  OK.. enough of that…you be nice to me, I will be nice to you…

The garden seems to be doing well, we have peas, beans and onions ready to harvest.  The pumpkins are forming.  The broccoli or cauliflower(not sure which is which) decided to bypass forming any heads and shot straight up and bloomed.  I think the raised beds create too much heat for the cool weather plants.  But it is still fun to watch them grow….maybe we will get to actually harvest something….

The big evergreen at the shed that we had to stake is losing the battle.  It is getting a tad yellow and the other big evergreen that isn’t staked isn’t doing much better.  I think we may have to write off 8 walnut trees and two evergreens at the shed.  It makes me sad. I went to work for a few days, one day last week and two days this week. On lunch a week or so ago, I visited Lewis’ outdoor nursery area.  I donned my mask and looked at trees.  They have a great variety of trees but they are all over 100 bucks each.  The thought of spending that much money on that many trees made my tummy flip flop so I will wait and see what the mower auction will have this fall or next spring.  The trees that we planted here are doing extremely well.  It is easier to spend $5-$55 per tree and hope they live than spend over 100 per tree and hope they live…

The Porter family reunion mid month has been cancelled.  I understand that the state of Illinois is not allowing gatherings of more than 10 people.

South Dakota was never shut down by the government..each city got to decide their course of business.  Don’t get me wrong, most bars closed and the ones that didn’t had strict rules as far as how many people could be inside.  Banks went to drive up only, resturants were carry out.  There was a lot of (still is) curbside pickup.  But for the most part, it was business as usual because the midwest is the backbone of essential labor.  Meat packing, farming, manufacturing, etc.

So this darn cold that has been hanging on is finally starting to get better.  But due to my age etc…I was told yesterday to work from home for another week.  OK- that works for me.  This crap has been daunting for the last two years so it is time to make some changes.  I have elected to be kinder to me and to take steps to improve my general health so I can be in grandkid chasing mode for years to come.  We will see how that goes…

Travis got a urgent message on his phone yesterday and had to leave work to go get Cade and Kate from day care.  A child that attends their day care tested positive for Covid.  They go to a very structured day care.  There is a baby room, a “movers” room, a toddler room etc.  So the only exposure they could have had was in the common areas.  They require that you wash your hands prior to entering and have been pretty good about cleaning all the time, so time will tell if the kids were exposed or not.  The day care is closed for the next week.  Sounds like it was an older child 5-7 years old. At least that is what the rumor mill came up with.  The day care wasn’t saying.

People are out and about more.  The ball games in town have been packed- you drive by the field and there is not a parking place to be had.  I think people really need to get out and do something and the somethings are limited.  But on the same token, those of us that have been limiting contact with people, staying home, not shopping etc…to stay safe from what could be a deadly virus for us….we are put next to people at work that are out and about doing all kinds of stuff, getting exposed to a ton of people… how does that work?  I am careful and you are careless- if you give it to me, I am going to be some kind of pissed.

My aunt in Missouri mentioned that she had watched public broadcasting about a bakery in Sioux Falls called Breadico.  Well Jo- it is no longer a retail bakery it is wholesale only.  They did rebrand and reopen as a pizza parlor, but I am not sure the status on that after Covid.  But when you do come to SD there are many quaint, quirky shops and eateries in Sioux falls to try.  Actually, GUY from the Diners, drive ins and Dives from the foodnetwork was in Sioux Falls this last week!  I know he stopped at Look’s meat market on 69th street for sure, not certain where else.

I need to call my friend Debbie and see if we can do supper Thursday evening.  We would do a curbside pickup and then social distance while eating.  But it is such a catch 22…I saw Cade and Kate a week or so ago…were they exposed, was I exposed, ugg…I swear to god it would be easier to just not know…right?  I will have that conversation with her on the phone and we will decide what will be the best decision.

Time to hit the shower and commute to the dining room table.  I think the cat has missed me the last couple of days!

Remember…just because I am referred to as an inbred stupid lunatic because of my political leanings…I am a good person.  Not the person you come to for a hand out, but I am the person that will give you a hand up, advice, and encouragement so you can figure it out on your own, stand on your own two feet and not play a blame game.  If you are a blame game person, then I am probably not your type of people….just sayin…But none the less, I hope you have the most remarkable day!




Sunday-Father’s day!

This morning is a heavy dew with a little bit of fog, the Killdeer’s are raising cain.  It sounds as if there are 100 of them, but I know there are only three.  They are loud and flying back and forth.  Not sure what got their panties in a bunch.

Last week, while I was working from home, a young deer came to the salt block at mid morning and stayed and ate dirt for a while.  He was pretty and not nervous at all.  I like most of the creatures that we have come to visit.  But we spotted a ground hog this week by the barn.  Last night I was walking back from the garden and saw two of them rush into the barn…

Ground hogs aka wood chucks do extensive damage to foundations and floors by digging under them.  They are very destructive to property.  I told Jeff when I got back to the house that we have two, not one.  He peeked out and saw one west of the barn.  He went in and got the .22 and went out the front door of the house.  He walked to the grove and waited by a tree.  Pretty soon a shot rang out and we had one less ground hog.  It was a fair size male.  Probably around 10 lbs or so.  One down one to go.  We have a stall in the barn that is 1/2 filled with dirt from these critters…so that means that that concrete that is there, will settle and break.  Good thing the barn is old.

Last weekend we stayed with friends at a lake.  We went golfing and boating and just generally relaxed and enjoyed the weekend.  We actually have a couple of friends that have places on the lake.  We stayed with one of them and then spent the next day with all at the other friends.  Jeff helped repair a boat lift and then we went for a pontoon ride.  A pontoon is just my speed.  The lake was a tad rough and we got really wet from the waves crashing over.  The 8 of us had a great weekend and we hope we will get invited again sometime.

The food and friendship was excellent.  We tried our best to be good guests.  I hope we were.

I think I am done painting the breezeway.  I will know this morning when the light hits it if it is done or if it needs touch up.  I hit the point at 9:30 last night that I was scraping the bottom of the gallon of paint.  So if it needs a lot of touch up, we will have to head to Menards and get another gallon of paint.  It looks fresher and I am looking forward to putting it all back together.  It has been in disarray for too long.  I will drag out the rugs, give the floor a good scrubbing and put it all back together.

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there!

Funny thing happened this week.  Quite a while ago I had written a post that my aunt Dorothy had passed away.  I got a comment on it last week from my cousin Joe’s daughter Helena!  So dad’s sister Helen is Joe’s mom.  I was excited.  I did send her an email, we will see if she responds.  I should find the pictures of Helen visiting the farm in the mid 70’s.

Time to embrace this day and all that it may bring.


So, I went back to the office on Monday..Tuesday morning, I woke up and was sneezing and had a runny nose.  I went in thinking allergies..well, by noon, I could feel it move to my chest.  I packed up my laptop and went home.  My temp was fine all morning, but how do you KNOW? So I got home, called the clinic and did a drive up covid test just for peace of mind and to know if I was dealing with the normal crud or what, I know my normal crud lasts about 5 days with cough lasting a bit longer I didn’t want to totally quarantine until I was symptom free and still not know.  My test came back negative so it is the normal crud. I just got the results this morning..  I started running a fever Tuesday night about 7 at 101 and I just let it run its course without taking anything for it.  It broke about 11.

It is a relief knowing all is well, that it is not the dreaded virus.

I spent alot of time sleeping Tuesday evening and Wed. morning.  Waking Wednesday and going to work at 750.  I napped during my lunch hour, I was back in bed last night by 7.  I had taken some nightime cold medicine last night to try to stop the runny nose and that stuff knocked me out like I was in the ring with Mahamad Ali…it seemed to work, I slept well, but feel a bit hungover this morning from it.

Jeff & I stayed away from each other, I was in the bedroom and he was on the couch.  So now we can get back to normal.  I felt bad, I pack his lunch everyday and had to tell him he was on his own with that, I wasn’t touching anything he was going to eat.

Tuesday night we got rain.  We got over an inch in under 30 minutes.  It was crazy.  The wind blew and the rain came by the barrel loads.. our gutters would not keep up.  The trees were whipping and throwing their little weak branches every where on the ground.  We got by with just rain and wind.  Others had extreme wind- the campground at the interstate had campers overturned and semis tipped over.  That is a short 8 miles away.  I saw photos of the Worthing Cemetery where trees were tipped over and branches were down.  We were fortunate.

So Jeff bought another feedbunk to add to our garden.  This one is not as deep and we had a few skidloader scoops of dirt left out of the huge dump truck load we had got.  It took that, potting soil out of two big pots I hadn’t planted, and a bag of left over potting soil to top it off.. We did all that Saturday evening and got it planted.  I was running out of ideas as to what to plant, so thought I would try some beets, some Zuchinni and some cucumbers, just to see how vines do in an unconventional bed.  After all, this year, is just one giant experiment…I wandered out there last night, between work and sleep, and I will be darned…you can almost “row” the beets.  There are a few zuchini starting to break the ground as well as cucumbers starting too!

These pictures are from Saturday evening.  The jack o lantern pumpkins and Acorn squash are making a fair showing, the Huge pumpkins and tiny pumpkins are not.


I had a few potatoes that didn’t make a showing, but the rest are doing well.


I did a later planting of peas, and thought what the hell, try some cauliflower and broccoli to see if it would produce…img_6389

This guy put in a lot of work!  img_6394

The new feed bunk, freshly planted 4 days ago.  img_6379

Time to get ready for work, I will work from home today again.  I see no reason to go to work with a snotty nose and cough.  It makes work easier to do from home when you are sick.  It takes a lot of effort to get ready and when you don’t feel 100% you need any energy you can get.  Sounds silly, but it is true.

Life is short.  We need to be a bit more selfish at times and look after ourselves so that we can better serve others.  Time to embrace this day and all that it may bring.



So I had to study up to see why our radishes seem to have gone to the tops…general consensus on what we have read is that they got hot.  So note to self…perhaps the raised bed isn’t the best radish growing place?  I know the beds get hot, I could tell by how quickly they dry.  We will try some more later after we are convinced that the first batch isn’t going to do much 😉

The beans are really taking off and the carrots are trying hard, the peas are going gangbuster…no blooms yet.  The pumpkin and squash seem to be flourishing.  The onions and tomato plants are doing well.  I broke down and bought 8 bell pepper plants yesterday, because the 4 that I had planted aren’t doing much, as a matter of fact there are no longer 4, there are 3.  So now there are 11.  I am bound to get at least one pepper right?

Yesterday went ok, but I truly missed being home.  The office chatter that I thought I missed, I found out quickly I didn’t miss it.  Maybe I am just to the grumpy stage in my life?  I will just go with that.

The bushes that we had bought 4 years ago at the conservation district year end left over sale are probably chest high now.  We had bought some little tiny sticks of trees and once we protected them, they flourished…too bad we were dumb about it for a few years….The bunnies ate them off all the time.

Time to embrace this day and hope for the best.


My first day back to the real office…

Friday I headed to Costco.  I donned my mask and shopped quickly and avoided people.  They were out of items.  That surprised me.

Jeff bought another feed bunk on auction so we headed to Marion Saturday morning and picked it up.  Cade and Kate came to our house and spent the windy Saturday with us.  After supper, they went home and Jeff & I filled and planted the feed bunk.

The wind has been relentless for two full days and it was in the 90’s.  The wind alone would wear you out, the heat didn’t help either.  We both slept like rocks!  It was like we got a peek at spring and then Summer came full force.  It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow.  like 70’s cooler.

When I stepped outside yesterday morning and it was 78 degrees at 6:30, I knew it would be a hot one.  Time to jump in the shower and get ready to go the real office..


I am going to brave Costco this afternoon.  I have not been there since before the virus and I need some basics and with that stuff, it is a one stop shop.  My list is long so it will be big trip.

I will work until noon because it is my friday afternoon off.  I go to the office on Monday…and I haven’t tried on my dress pants yet.. put off the inevitable right?

I got the Second wall in the breezeway scraped, primed and painted in the evenings.  Just two walls left and the ceiling.  I like to paint, I just dislike the wall prep and taping.  On two walls, I have gone through over a roll of tape.  So there is a ton of taping.  Imagine taping for what seems like forever and then painting for basically 10 minutes.  Yes, that is how the breezeway painting is going.  The two walls that are done look well…ordinary, like they are supposed to look.  Much better than the partially scraped ceiling and other two walls.

Yesterday was the anniversary date of us purchasing this place.  So much has happened in that time…feels like a lifetime ago.. Every year we try to improve something and this year I am not sure what it will be.

I cleaned out the old Norge gas range in the basement last night.  not that that was hard…there was a newspaper in it.  The newspaper was from January 1954.  It was fun to read the yellowed-almost brown 4 pages.  It had several ads in it from grocery stores.  Beef was 39 cents a lb.  You could pick front quarter, side, or back quarter.  Lettuce was two heads for 33 cents.  I searched the web looking for insight into this stellar 1930’s range and actually saw one, not refurbished, at an appliance store in PA for $5200.  It appears that there is a place in Cleveland that actually has knowledge and parts available.  I think they are pretty simplistic..but just understanding the ins and outs of what can go wrong with one of this age is important.

I had been sitting on the fence about a canner.  I had “visited” the one at the farm store in town so many times that they gave me shit every time I walked in.  So I thought about it some more….I studied up on them, I price compared all over the last month.  The farm store had theirs on clearance for 79 bucks.  The same canner on Amazon was running 99 until it was sold out then they dropped to 79.  Ace has it for 100, other places 125…So I finally quit visiting it and just bought it.  I read all the reviews.  This one actually is second in reviews.  The All American Canner is ranked the absolute best…but when a pot costs more than a stove…it should be ranked well.  The presto canner that I bought is popular because of the price point and that it functions well.  Good enough!  Functions Well is what I was going for.  It is a 23 quart which will hold 7 quart jars or a ton of pints.  See, I am an optimist thinking the garden will produce.

But after reading all the things that you can can, I thought what the heck, even if the garden doesn’t produce, I can do my own chicken broth, beef broth etc.  I can do meat for easy winter meals.  I figure if I do meat, it will take around 3 hours to heat, process and cool down 7 quarts…that is a lot of work…but I will give anything a try at least once.

I was feeling a tad blue yesterday.  Not sure if it was because of the impending return to the office, or the full moon, or too many projects and thoughts or what the deal was.  So last night I hoed in the vine garden a bit, watered and just basically sat around after I “cleaned” the range… life is just odd.

I better go load the dishwasher and get ready to embrace this day!  I will find the good in it no matter what!