October is almost gone…not sure where it went!

Saturday I worked on the overgrown flowerbed at the Milwaukee house.  It has some beautiful flowers in it.  Next spring, they should pop through the mulch and be in their glory again.  I left enough of them above the mulch that it will be just fine.  Jeff thought I was digging up both rose bushes, but I just dug up the mean one.  It was so mean that if you got within 2 ft of it you would bleed, or your clothes would rip.  It was solid thorns and was just nasty mean.  I left the one that was nice…the one that you could actually touch the stem between the thorns and not bleed.  It has yellow roses and usually tons of them.  I have never looked after either of them and they were planted in the late 90’s…so they are hardy.

I bought a dark brown mulch, and it basically looked awful when I put it down.  So I got a good layer of ugly down then went back for 8 bags of the red.. The red was much nicer..but being it was the end of the season, and we have had tons of rain this year…it was wet mulch.  Each bag was heavy and a bugger to work with…but I got it done…the mulch was 1/2 price. I was pleased with the results.  It just looked so much fresher.

The inside of 205 is coming along.  The texture is done, now just the paint needs to be done.  The general is arguing with subs over who damaged the front door…really? I can tell you by the marks how it was done and when it was done….it was done by the floor tear out guys. The creases are the same height as his cart..go figure.

So in any case, progress is being made.

I had not painted the back step, so I did that on Sunday and I freshened the trim around a doorway.  We headed home and I put all the patio furniture and umbrellas away…summer is over…and we are ready to move snow.  Not this week, but soon I am afraid.

Sunday it was remarkable that we got anything done…we went out Saturday  night with friends to the gate city event center and watched the dueling pianos.  They were hilarious and we laughed like we hadn’t in a long time!  We also drank…we drank a lot…I do not drink a lot, I do not drink often.  Not sure if I was trying to make up for not drinking or what the hell I was thinking.  But in any case, after closing down the bar and being driven home by friends we went to bed…I remained there until 8:30 am, moved to the recliner and slept until 12:30.  Then I was ready to face the day and work.  Had I driven to town at 8:30 am and tried to work…I am certain I would have got a dui…yes it was that kind of a night… I did get laundry done and put away so it was a remarkable day.

I need to do a cleaning of our house…I am afraid I fell behind on the basics and it is showing in every room.  So I will do a good scrubbing in the next few weeks and get everything back up to the way I like to see it.  But for now, I will settle and just watch the cat hair fly as I buzz by it heading to changing from “work clothes” to “working clothes”.

I went to the step this morning and headed right back in to turn on the front lights…I was greeted with the lovely smell of skunk when I stepped out.  I think it was one that passed by..because I looked and couldn’t see one.

Mattie came to visit last night and he had on a brand new orange collar.  He looked so dapper.  He loves hugs and pets.  We give him treats which he promptly takes and goes 5 feet away and sets down and then comes back for more pets and hugs.  Jeff had the day off yesterday and Mattie helped him.  Jeff says he is a pain in the ass at times.. LOL!

Travis saw a pack of coyotes near hiway 11 when he left here last Thursday night… one or two is one thing…but a pack is quite another.  When I got home last night we headed to Bomgaars, I needed kitty litter.  As we were pulling out of the drive, there was a very big hawk eating something in the South yard.  Jeff said he hoped it was that darn gopher.  Jeff said we had a small possum yesterday under the pine tree.  Yes…we live at a zoo.  I have not filled the bird feeders in a month or so and the squirrels are beside themselves wondering when that lady is coming to feed them..  Food is still plentiful.  Maybe this weekend I will fill them again.  The White salt block is seeing a lot of action.  Bunnies and squirrels frequent it…although the bunnies are few and far between.

I saw on facebook that my brother was in the hospital.  He has pnemonia.  I called him while I was at lunch yesterday.  He was rather hard to understand through the mask he had on..but my general thought was that he sounded weak and tired.  I will call him in a few days again.  I did gather that his boss at the hospital was less than delighted that he was sick.  I told him that he shouldn’t worry about that, that he just needs to focus on himself and getting better.

I am heading to the dentist this morning.  I had to move my appointment from last month..I was sick when I was supposed to go so I moved it.  This pnemonia business is not for the faint of heart…what ever strain it is..it is an ass kicker.  I am about 99%. I still have pain in my left side and can’t sleep on my stomach because of my ribs, but I figure in a few more weeks that should be like new…I am too ornery to let it keep me down.

Time to embrace this day and give thanks for everything in it…even possums and skunks…





I worked until noon yesterday, went to costco and bought food, detergent and pop and headed home.  I changed into my “paintin’ clothes” and headed to the Milwaukee street houses.  I stopped at the Garden and got subs for lunch- because Jeff tends to forget to eat.  We ate lunch and I headed to the farm store to get a gallon of paint shook and to buy a gallon of exterior white.  I apologized to them on the paint I needed shook- I had not bought it there…but they  indicated that as much paint as I had bought in the last month, they were fine with it.

The west side of the foundation is painted!  It was weighing heavily on my mind because the rest of the exterior looked so nice…then there was that hodgepodge of color mess on the west… So that is done!

Jeff had scraped and primed the “yorch” at the 211 house.  It is an unattached screened in porch.  Basically a shed with screens all the way around.  It is a cute building.  I grabbed the gallon of white exterior and started with the real paint..do you have any idea how fun it is to just go paint something? Jeff did all the hard work and I painted…it didn’t matter if I slopped or dripped on the ground..it was awesome.  Best thing? I could reach the very top by just standing on the little work platform.  I had to hurry on the west side…the church was ringing 6 pm and I was almost out of daylight.  Somehow..I managed to get paint in my hair.  Typical for me..but I could not figure out exactly how I managed it.

Today, I will continue with the linen closet, and the bathroom door.  We may make a trip to Menards and figure out quarter round and also some nice oak to put against where the ceilings and walls meet in the kitchen through the family room.  I should clean up the flower bed out front and put some mulch down and generally increase the curb appeal.  We will see what strikes me when I get there..


The Milwaukee house is coming back together.  I went in last night and did a second coat on the trim in the sitting room.  Worked on the two shelves in the linen closet and got paint on two windows…and decided that was enough for the evening!  I still have the outside of the doors on on the linen closet to do, but it is one of those deals that if I shut them to paint them..the inside is wet and will stick.  So it is a drawn out process, but will look great when I am done.  I need to take the door off the bathroom up there and get it laid flat.  It needs a bit of sanding prior to paint and the area that it is in and really tight, so it will be easier to take it down to do it.

The sheet rock is up on the ceiling in the kitchen and family room.  The repair process is started in the living and foyer ceilings.  I am anxious to see the finished project.  The floor in the kitchen is out up to the cupboard base.  They are trying to decide if the floor under the cupboards are damaged…I misunderstood and thought they were concerned about the base cabinets being water damaged.  So as of now, the existing cupboards will remain.  We were going to replace them, but after careful consideration, and money…we will redo them.  If we were not redoing the 211 house to get it ready to rent out, the cupboards would be replaced. But that money went to a new roof on 211 and a new bathroom and all new flooring……….the Kroger’s are stimulating the economy for sure this year…darn it!

They are a quality cupboard, they just need a good facelift.  I sent a text last night to Brenda H. – she is super handy and has done every home improvement project that can be done- so I asked for insight on how to paint the cupboards.  She indicated that after prep, it would be around a 4 coat project….in my mind I knew this…but hoped she had an easy simple way.  nope…She recommended restaining them.  Stain is easier than paint..no runs.. So when the drywallers are done, I will start disassembling the doors and start sanding and staining.  We will order countertops and a nice deep new sink.

This weekend, I will finish painting the foundation outside on the west side…winter hit last year before I got it done.

So just a hop and a skip and we will be on the market.  So flooring, paint the foyer and dining room, refresh the cupboards, and give the basement a fresh coat of paint… sounds like about three weekends of solid hard work.  Then on to the garage and give it a fresh coat of paint…or just knock the cobwebs down and call it good…

We have 4 people interested in it as of right now. So not sure we will even list it.

There is nothing for sale in town that has the location, the square footage, the three bedrooms on one floor and two baths and a three stall attached garage on a corner lot that is move in ready for under 200K.  So I think it will sell quickly, it is a great family home.  I told Jeff last night, that I was kind of jealous of who ever buys it….they will walk in the door and be able to do fun stuff…because all of the dirty yucky expensive shit has been done…New roof, new furnace, new central air, updated electric, new flooring, new carpeting, 2 huge new kitchen windows, the other windows had been replaced in the last 15 years or so, new front door (which the contractors scratched and dented and I am pissed about) The walls will all be redone with fresh paint..and some walls and ceilings will be brand new. and the sidewalk was replaced and meets the city codes..

Time to hit this day and be thankful for everything in it…and hope that we retire before we die!  What a concept.. but I will still feel blessed that we are able to work and do stuff.

Monday…and it is cold..

It snowed overnight Saturday and we had probably close to three inches that “stuck” to the grassy areas.  October 14 is too early for snow.

Jeff & I had a relaxing Sunday morning and didn’t head to the project houses until around 11 or so.

I worked on the trim in the sitting room upstairs and painted two more shelves in the  linen closet.  It takes a while to cover the pinkish color that is inside.  I have two shelves completely finished and two that need another coat.  I took the big deep drawers out and took the hardware off and painted those.  As I was painting around the two windows, I saw that Travis and Jeff had got the bathtub out of the 211 house.  I painted until around 5:30 and cleaned my mess and went over to see what they had done.

The bathroom is free of tub, toilet and sink.  The wall between the existing bathroom and closet is gone.  The bathroom seemed much larger with the added space of the closet.  I think we will go with a 36 X36 shower in the back of the closet, opening into the original bathroom.  We will leave the original door to the closet and use the space between the door opening and the new shower for shelves for towels.  Depending on the ultimate depth, we may very well have a hanging space in there too.  We will put a smaller sink and vanity on the west wall towards the corner to leave enough space to move in there.

Sheet rock is being delivered today for the 205 house.  tomorrow the sheetrockers will come. It will be an exciting time on Tuesday night to see that! The roofers are doing 211 this week so that will be nice to see too!

I turned on the light outside this morning before I braved the step.  I stepped out and saw a good size doe and a smaller one crossing the road.  I like that kind of wildlife!  As I was sitting on the step, a darn mouse scooted by between me and the flower bed…I don’t like seeing mice.  He was probably disgruntled because the breezeway is nice and tight and he can no longer sneak in.

This week, the warmest day will be Thursday…We need to get the patio furniture put away…so we will working to get all that put away and ready for the next snow fall..


Time to get the missed paint off of me, dress in pink and head to work and hope that this week is calmer than last.

Time to count my blessings and give thanks for the day before me!



I woke early yesterday and went to Sioux Falls.  My Tahoe needed new tires.  Just over a month ago when I got my oil changed, the mechanic said they were in “critical” condition…as in you could almost see the air in them.  So I called around a week ago.  Jeff actually found some tires cheaper at Oak Street in Inwood, but the Bargain Barn in Sioux Falls had Bridgestones for 15 more a tire than Oak Street’s off brand.

The bargain barn is a fixture on the north end of Cliff Ave.  the Froelich addition.  Through the history of Sioux Falls, it was full of rough, hardworking people and they were a tad more resourceful and redneck than the rest of sioux falls.  We raced against a bunch of them..we called them the Norton Acres bunch… which is what the area is called north of the cemetary and west of Cliff ave…overlooking Morrells.

In any case, Ben started this as a used tire business in 1966.  Ben passed away this last February.  His son Troy has been running the business for years.

So it is a first come first serve.  I pulled in the lot at 7:25, they open at 8 am.  I was the third car there.  By the time Mike opened the door at 8 there were 20 people standing in line.  I thought oh my…would I get new tires today? I had called Mike 8 days ago about tires.  We know him through the races and have known him for years and have watched is boys grow from little kids to men.  It was my turn at the counter, Mike says what year tahoe? that is the one with the 20’s right?  I was awe struck…how could he remember that from 8 days ago?? He directed me to the North side of the building, door number 4.  I pulled up, the door opened and tire guys were on the move.  There are 8 bays for tires, and two for oil changes..within 15 minutes, they were all full.

I went to the waiting area, near the stool that Mike was sitting on and the steady stream of people that came in and how quickly they were helped was amazing.  Mike takes the order,  he paged for a ticket runner, and a guy flies in and grabs a the stack of orders that were just printed  and off he went.  I was there an hour…and I just marveled at the work flow.  It is a well oiled machine. So the Tahoe has new kicks on her and I am not in fear of a blow out.

I went to the habitat re-store and looked around for light fixtures and such…didn’t find anything that would work where we needed.  So I left there and called Jeff to see if he needed anything from Menards.  Whipped into Menards and picked some stuff up and headed home.  Jeff said he was loading the scissor lift and taking it to town to fix a loose piece of soffit on the Milwaukee house.  I thought Lord, watch over him until I get there…Jeff is stubborn and independent and makes my hair grey at times….

I got there finally and he had also trimmed back some tree branches…he said I almost called you.  I thought oh no.  He left the lift on the trailer, because the ground was too soft and it would have sank.  He was cutting tree limbs and was up in the air and one of the branches fell in the scissor part of the lift.  So he is up in the air, in the lift, on a trailer and couldn’t put the lift down..So he climbed down, moved the branch and let the lift down…OMG.

He unloaded the lift, we loaded the trailer with branches then Travis and Cade came.  Cade and I headed home and I fed him.  He must be ready to go through a growth spurt.  He ate the entire thing of home made peaches that Travis had in the cooler, and he was still hungry so I fed him cottage cheese then he drank a bottle and was out, we napped for just over an hour and then went to town to see what the boys had done.  They had the carpet out of the upstairs of 211.  I went in to look, I knew I had to strip wall paper from both bedrooms, so I tested a spot to see how bad it would be…I will be darned, it came off in sheets…In less than 10 minutes, both rooms were stripped of wall paper!  what a blessing.

All of the carpet is out of 211, the wall paper is down from the walls upstairs The kitchen needs to have its wall paper removed yet.  Travis’ friend Jake came over and helped and gave me a blow by blow of him and his brother Nick watching Jeff and the scissor lift…oh gosh..glad I wasn’t here!

It was a nice day and Cade and I hung out outside, he was in the stroller and just enjoyed being outside watching the leaves and trees.  Very content.  I loaded him up around 5 ish and we went to the store to get him food.  I took him home, changed him and fed him.  He ate a large container of peas and almost a whole container of bananas.  Hungry boy!

Well, we will see what today brings…lots of stuff needing to be done…time to pick my battles..


Happy Birthday to Mom…

Today would have been mom’s 77th birthday- Happy Birthday in Heaven mom!

I often wonder what she would think of our projects and shit shows…I think she is shaking her head from afar.

Last night when Cade was in his little car, he pushed himself backwards until the car hit the basketball hoop.  I said look at that Cade- you drive like grandma Carolyn- she used to back into basketball hoops too!  Cade suddenly shivered.  You know the shiver, the type that they say “someone just walked over your grave” type shivers?  Call me strange, but there are signs, you just have to recognize them.  Terri and Kelsey looked at me strange but they too thought it was odd, that chain of events.

I am thankful and grateful for the lessons taught and learned…even the ones that I had no intention of learning.  Yes, even three years later, there is a big hole in my life and at times I wonder with amazement at how three years could have passed so quickly.


The dog we don’t own…

Terri stopped by last night after work.  She had posted this hilarious snap chat…sadly it was about hitting a cat on the highway, but the snap chat was of the search of this cat..that she was sure was dead- I did laugh.  Not at the subject matter, but at the way she presented it.

Cade & Kelsey came to see us last night and Cade just melts my heart.  Kelsey had a great Cade story and I had to laugh at that one as well.  As parents we have all had the moments of “oh my gosh, what do I do?” Kelsey had that moment at bath time, no, I take that back, it wasn’t technically during bath time, she had the poop in the tub handled…it was the unexpected poop that happened when she put him safe in his crib and was trying to clean his tub…so at that moment…it was like oh gosh- do I clean the tub, then him, then the crib or where do I start? I remember those moments well when the kids were little, it is like oh my gosh!  Kelsey got it done..but wow did that bring back memories!  She is such a good momma.

I was telling Cade about the coyote..and how close it was to me when it went by.  He cried a little at the right places.  Him and Kelsey left around 8.  Kelsey has a long work day today and Cade was tired.  I was just so thankful to see them both!

Terri and I were standing outside after they left.  We were talking about Cody coming and calling the Coyotes in so we can thin them out a bit.  I called our GFP guy to verify that I could shoot them on our own land without a license.  The GFP indicated that a land owner can kill a coyote on their own land without a game license.  I had thought so, they are a varmit.  Now had I went hunting them on someone elses land then I would need a varmit license and a fur bearer….In any case I didn’t want to break any laws and the phone call took just a moment.

So we were standing there, in the dark, talking about coyotes.  All of a sudden, I caught a rush of movement heading towards me out of the corner of my eye…Terri and I jumped and darned near screamed.  It was Mattie, the dog we don’t own…he must have decided to come in on Stealth Mode without a warning bark.  He scared us, we in turn scared him…and his feelings were hurt and he started barking and heading home…my heart was pounding.  We called him back and got him  his treat.


This is Mattie, the dog we don’t own..and Hoosier, our cat.  Hoosier does not really like Mattie, but as long as there is glass in between them and the dog is on the outside side of the glass, Hoosier is ok with a stare down..

I was on facebook the other night and a gal I work with posted a cozy coupe and also a basket ball game for sale on facebook swap.  I figured Cade “needed” both items.  So I bought them.  They will make great toys for our house for him to play with! See the picture below- I think he is ok with the car.


I had mentioned the big pumpkin that Jeff wanted Cade to have for his first Halloween..Here he is with grandpa and the pumpkin.  It was a cold day!


This little boy has captured my heart in a way that our own kids didn’t!  We were so busy trying to make a living and get things done…that we didn’t enjoy them to the level that we enjoy him.  If he is coming to visit, everything is put on hold and he has 100% of our undivided attention.  Funny how that works 🙂

Time to embrace this day, give thanks for all that is in it and count my blessings!  Even if we have trials and tribulations with these darn houses, our blessings far outweigh anything as minor as those.