The lilacs are in full bloom and the scent in the backyard is amazing.  Yesterday was chilly..I wore Jeans, sweatshirt and jacket most of the day as I puttered around outside.  I trimmed back some face slapper branches from the bushes out back..cut the volunteer mulberry trees from under our huge evergreen out front too.

I had a restless night…so I got laundry going at 6:30 am.  I looked around the house to see what to work on for preparation of Cade’s baptism..I decided that vacuum, sweep and maybe run a dust rag was about all that it needed.  So yes..I am procrastinating 😉

Our lawn pull behind lawn sprayer made it’s final round last weekend…So we are headed to Northern Tool today to look at the ones they have on sale.  I spoke with the manager yesterday at Bomgaars- he said their’s go on sale but not today….He was busy selling a $10 plastic pool so I think I was an inconvenience…I had even waited my turn to speak to him…they had a nice 60 gallon pull behind and I asked what the price was on it- well he didn’t know and asked me if I wanted him to look it up.  Uh..NO.  Hard to sell shit if you don’t have a price on it and it is a definite inconvenience to look it up…so we will subtly take the sprayer business to Sioux Falls.  Shop Canton First.  Yep…I have decided I don’t have that much energy any more!

When I was using the lawn sweeper on Friday, I just went a little further and did the entire north lawn of Bill & Diane’s shed.  I know they like it to look nice but their mower tends to windrow it in large clumps..I would have done the north side too, but our burn hole was full.  I saw Bill raking the north side and put it in his pickup and haul it to the dump.  I felt a bit bad..but I was out of a place to put it.  We used to lay a large tarp out and I would dump on that and we would in turn dump that on the trailer…grass is heavy when it is first cut.

Our little trees to the south are growing well.  I think we will get Cade a tree to plant for his baptism.  Our “sticks” of trees were eaten by bunnies over the winter, but the bushes are doing well.  I looked at different bushes to plant to attract birds but was indecisive as to 1. where to put them. and 2. what kinds to get.

Time to embrace this day…get a shower and find something to wear on our Northern tool adventure…




Yesterday was a tough day.  I went to Marge’s funeral.  I sat with Martha, Al and Todd Johnson.  The Brodericks came and sat in our row as well.  I felt a bit awkward, because they are Lisa’s ex in laws…but that is her story and not mine.  So I sat.

I did well until Casey read what Lisa had written to share.  The tears came and didn’t stop.  The service was nice, the music was moving.  The family filed out of the sanctuary…Debbie and I touched, Tim grabbed my arm and I his…Lisa stopped, hugged me and sobbed.. Broke my heart.  Too familiar of emotions over came me…too many memories of mom.  We had lunch, I visited with Mary Oakland Heath.  She was hoping to see Susie…she said Susie took her to go get her daughter..Susie has a very special place in many people’s hearts and I hope she knows that.

After the lunch- Lisa asked if I would go to the burial.  It was a private family burial…I told her I did not really want to intrude, but if she wanted me there- I would be there for her.  I stood near her, her son Andrew and her brother John.  The cemetery was just outside of Beloit.  On a gentle slope of the base of a hill.  It was peaceful, pretty and overlooked the trees and river…fitting and wonderful.

Russ & Lisa dropped me back at the church and I headed home…with an invite to come back to John & Lori’s.  I had a what I deem an emotion headache…and changed clothes, grabbed the weedeater out of the shed, re spooled it..said a little prayer for it to start and it did.  I did trim work through that spool and most of another..I just kept trimming..I got done and went and fired up my mower. and I MOWED…Jeff came home and he started mowing.  When we got done, I ran the sweeper over a good 4 acres to get the grass clumps…at 6:30 we changed clothes and took the cushman to John & Lori’s and ate and drank beer and visited.  My ass had been on the mower for just about 4 hours..deeply needed “mower therapy”.  I was ready to go for round two and join the Lems.  It was a relaxed atmosphere with the finality of the day done…relief was in the air and I enjoyed visiting with them a lot.  You know you remain close to a family when you can name the kids, their wives, their children, their children’s husbands and the grand kids by name and face.  I am blessed to have them in my life.

Casey and Dawn brought their dog Dakota along and he is a terrier that loves to swim.  We stood on the bridge while the kids threw small rocks into the creek below and the dog swam in place in the current….the kids LOVED IT and the dog didn’t get hit once by a rock…he would chase the was funny.

Today I fertilized the plants…the trees…and slopped the water all the way to the trees..I went to the Milwaukee house and mowed there.  visited with Brenda H when she stopped by.  I like visiting with her!  She is refreshing to me.

Time to give thanks for the day that I had and get a great night’s sleep..


Today I am off.

Yesterday about 5:30 A-OX welding supply had a fire and explosions..they are the largest distributor of gases in the midwest.  Rod Pattison on facebook and Tea Storm Chasers had some amazing video as the propane tanks exploded sounding like world war 3.  It was quite a noise on the video.  As of now, no one was injured and it sounds like it was contained to outside the building and involved a truck that was either being loaded or unloaded.  They evacuated a one mile radius.  Although something went wrong…so many things went right due to no injuries or deaths.

I went to Marge’s visitation last night.  It was great to see “the old neighborhood”.  I saw people I had not seen in years.  The best part was seeing the generations of Lems.  The “aunts & uncles” that I had met while I was growing up with Lisa..their kids, their kid’s kids and so on.  4 full generations.  Susie was unable to come but I was so glad I got to see her a few years ago when she was home and Sandra had invited mom out to see Marge.  Mom was ill at the time, but talked about it for months afterwards.  Last night was hard to see the grief that flitted across many faces in the room.  There were boards of photos from the years that Marge had blessed this earth.  I remembered many of the photos…and the memories were good.

Marge had a great life.  She was born into a christian family, her dad was a preacher.  Her and John were married quite a few years until they were divorced.  John was an interesting individual that was set in his ways.  Looking back, I would say with love, that he was insecure and rather than pulling her closer, he drove a wedge.  Good, bad, indifferent, they parted ways and Marge did remarry.  But I noticed that she did not remarry until after her youngest was out of school for a year.  Marge played piano for all my recitals growing up.  She was such a gentle soul.  Every family experiences a time of turmoil and they overcame it eventually as a family.  I am proud to have known Marge, she set a good example of kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and love.  She has great kids-each one of them would give you their last dime and the shirts off their backs.  They supported me as the journey ended with mom-for which I will be forever grateful.  Hats off to Marge for raising 6 kids!

Thinking of Susie today with thoughts of love and support.

I better get moving.  I have to file and put away the bills I paid this week and do some dishes and start some laundry before heading to town.  The weather has been so nice that I have been a little lax on my dishes this week….which isn’t a big deal because I have been a little lax on cooking so there are mainly just glasses lol!

I need to call the insurance adjuster.  We are getting closer to starting repairs on the Milwaukee house.  The estimate on the repairs to just the heating system came in. I have an email into Hander to see what a ball park would be on a forced air system.  We want to be cost effective no matter who’s money we are spending.

I cringe when I think of what this claim is going to end up being. argg….

Time to hit this day, embrace all that is in it.  Give thanks for the blessings it will bring…and remember that some blessings are disguised as something else…

Wednesday….1/2 way through May

Gosh…where does the time go? It is crazy how fast it flies.

I have a seminar today, tonight I will golf.  Tomorrow night I will go to Marge Lutz’s visitation and go to her funeral on Friday.

This weekend I need to make a decision on mom’s pots of geraniums.  It was a good run, but I believe that three of the four pots are done.  I have one that is making a concerted effort to leaf out.  The other three are dead sticks..

Jeff saw a bluebird on Monday by the wishing well….I was jealous again.  Then last night, with no camera…I saw it!  It was in our big pine tree and I felt pretty special getting to see it.

I need to stop and get a phone card- mine will expire in a few days and I am getting texts daily from straight talk reminding me of this..

Time to hit and embrace this day before me.


This morning is foggy and cool…Yesterday was cool.  We trimmed part of the hedge at the Milwaukee house yesterday and mowed there.  It was too wet to mow, but had we let it go much longer we would have had to bale it.

Yesterday, after our Milwaukee house work, I made 7 loaves of banana bread.  Go big or go home is my motto 😉  I had both ovens going and I had one pan that would not fit, so he went in after the others were done.

I brought a loaf to Shirley and Dave.  We visited about birds and turkey and deer.  Shirley said there is a flowering plant at the green house that draws humming birds like crazy.  They are so attracted to it, that they keep feeding even when she is standing there watering.  So I may head to the greenhouse today and get a couple of those and put them in planters.  We had hummingbirds last year but just ones and twos..not masses.  I need more thistle seed and regular bird feed.  The little birds finally figured out the squirrel proof feeders and they are just about in need of filling.  They have a spring loaded cage around the tube, if something heavy gets on it, the cage slides down and blocks the feeding holes.  Pretty effective.

The Orioles have arrived.  I put oranges out Friday evening and we have had two at the platform feeder consistantly.  Jan-who lives just across the river had an actual bluebird.  She posted a picture on facebook.  oddly, I feel one upped!  ha ha!  I have never seen one let alone had one come feed!

This morning….as I was doing my pondering on the front step..I thought of how fortunate I am to have so many people in my life to help fill the void of mom not being here.  So many give me insight, share their wisdom, share their friendship, and yes try to keep me grounded and in line 😉 so today, I will be thankful for all of the people, all of the lessons and embrace this day with all my heart.

Hats off to all the great women in my life!


Rain….it rained around an inch overnight and is chilly.  The trees have magically produced leaves overnight…ok, probably over the last few days they unfolded.  The blooms are starting to build on the lilacs and I estimate within a week, our backyard will smell beautiful.

I golfed with friends Wednesday night and we played 6 person best ball.  We did not score as well as we should have, but it was nice being out on a nice evening with fun people.

Jim had tests on Monday and his lymph nodes are clear.  Which is good news.  I think they are waiting for a few more tests to come back and then they head to Colorado instead of Mayo.

Right now it is the waiting game.  Jim is our nephew- he is Jeff’s sister Paulette’s youngest.  He spent every Saturday at our house for years, looking after the kids so Jeff could work on projects while I was at work.  He is married and has two kids of his own.  So prayers for good news and good prognosis is appreciated.

In June I get to golf in a golf tournament at Willow Run.  I am excited about that.  I am golfing with three gals from work.  It will be an interesting day.  You only get to see the “work” side of people so this will be a great outing.  Note to self…work on your short game….

Called Hander yet again for the estimate for the house on Milwaukee street…I think I have been patient enough.  arggg… I will start raising Hell with them next week.

Yesterday Morning I was in the shower and I heard a turkey right outside the bathroom window…it was a tad creepy.  When I finished my shower I went from window to window to see this loud bird that startled me in the shower…It was a Tom and he had a long beard, he was not puffed up but was stalking the front yard like he owned the place.  They are unique.

I had supper with Debbie last night and when I got home I came in through the garage…there was a fat mouse right inside the garage door.  Thankfully he was dead and not just sleeping!  I grabbed a rag and picked him up by the tail and threw him outside for the “barn” cats to get.  We have a big orange cat living there now and Jeff spotted a black cat coming out of the grain bin last night.  As long as they hunt, they are welcome to find shelter in the barn.  These are feral cats, not nice ones…but they run the second they see you.  Which is better than the huge stray siamese that used to hang out..He would stare you down….unsettling to say the least!

Time to hit this day, embrace it and give thanks for everything that is in it.



Good old fashioned thunderstorm yesterday morning…the farmers have been going non stop to try to get crops in before this round.  Today they will have a break, full of fixing and maintaining equipment before they get out again.  I am certain an amount of worry will go with that fixing.  Especially for the ones that farm 1000’s of acres.

Jeff mowed when he got off work Monday and was about 3/4 done when Dale stopped.  We had a nice visit with Dale about the family reunion and learned about how a Norwegian got a German name.  I am certain that story will be told at the reunion on the 9th of June.

Dale will do pork- not quite a whole hog, but it will be close.  He likes to do that type of thing- I said I didn’t want to put him out- to keep things simple.  But he said he loves to do it so PERFECT!  I will order a port a potty.  We will make a decision on a tent.  Whether to beg, borrow or steal one.  I will also contact the senior center and see if it is possible to have the center on standby in the event of deluge of rain.

Our nephews & nieces have yard games that they will bring, we are discussing having kickball or norskie softball.  We will get that figured out…I can’t remember the rules, but they are insane.

Probably should buy a couple of gallons of bubbles for the little ones..side walk chalk because we have a lot of surface to chalk..

Today is hump day….last night I made supper, did some laundry and put away laundry, and was just generally tired.  We had a good rain so I didn’t water the plants last night.  I took the geraniums out of the basement on Sunday…we will see if they come back or not.  I gave them plenty of water and a good shot of fertilizer.  I normally start them in mid april, but due to the crazy that the weather brought, they did not get that sheltered start in the entry way.

My thoughts have been with the Lem’s family with the loss of Marge.  I have also been keeping Phyllis Swanson in my prayers as she battles cancer.  My nephew Jim is undergoing a series of tests and biopsies to see what is what before he heads to Mayo.  After being on the cancer journey with mom, I find it is best to wait for diagnosis and prognosis before I get terrified…so for now I will just worry.  I visited with a lot of cancer patients in many waiting rooms and the prognosis for most are really actually good.  So I will hold onto that until the Dr.s figure out what type, what stage and a treatment plan for Jimmy.  Cancer is a devastating diagnosis regardless… the unknown sucks, the waiting is terrible, and when it comes down to brass are fighting for your life.  So, many prayers are going forth to bolster the spirits and to give love and hope, it makes you stronger and more determined. Everyone’s journey is unique.

I have contacted the “Pink Ladies” and told them I would put Jim on the list after things are sorted out.  They are a great support, they fund raise everyday and give a check to the family fighting this…It is not a huge sum, but when you are short paying for a necessity, it goes a long way.  And the thought that an entire group of ladies are ready to stand with you….means the world.

This morning, there were two deer by the shed, they were young and playful.  I enjoy my mornings with the critters…it is as if I am invisible.  I like to be invisible some days.

Tonight I will probably golf.  The sink is full of dishes to be done…the stove needs wiping off…but I think i will golf.  Unless it is raining..then I won’t.

Time to embrace this day, give thanks for all that is in it, it will be a good one.  Either full of lessons, or laughter, or just plain hard work that tests the mind..but in any case, I will make it a good one.