So Wednesday I was scrolling through facebook and a Wieman auction ad was there….darn facebook.  I like to “decorate” the yard for holidays.  I have my banners up for the majority of the summer, I call it dressing the barn for summer.  I love the red white and blue banners.

Due to water woes, I did not get the easter bunny blowmolds out for easter, but next year bunnies…next year.

I have a ginormous blowmold pumpkin and a turkey and a family of snowmen.  Some of these are mine, some were moms and I always think about how excited she was to “change seasons” with her blowmolds.

Well, the company that made all the blow molds stopped producing them in 2017.  I have seen some at Menards so I think a select few are still in production.

Last year and the year before, I had been watching for a nativity set.  Well, Nativity sets that are large enough to put outside and be seen from the road are 600-2500…well, at least for the ones that made me say WOW!

So back to the ad on facebook, it was an online auction of “antiques”.  Well I started paging through it and low and behold there was a blowmold nativity set.  I was so excited.  I showed Travis and he of course looks at it CAREFULLY…and there are 4 wisemen…no Mary and no baby Jesus.  I thought Crap..I have a max bid set on it already..I figured I was willing to pay up to $10 per piece.  So there was a camel, 4 wisemen, Joseph and a shepard boy. So I set my max bid at $70.  Well, right beside it was a white set of blowmolds that had Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and two sheep..I set my bid at 60 to be safe…a little higher than I wanted..but I went with that for my Max bid…

I ended up paying 32.50 for the white 5 piece set and $55 for the 7 piece set.  The auction had a 10% surcharge and sales tax so I got them all for 100.58.  Which was less than what I maxed my bids at.  It is a good size set.  I had to pick them up today with the pickup up….yep it was a holy roller!  I filled the cab and then put the rest in the back and strapped them down… This is all the pieces that I got.  To say I am excited is an understatement!img_4893

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus…img_4895

Wisemen and a camelimg_4894

Joseph in COLOR, the extra wisman the shepard boy and two sheep…img_4896


This dude reminds me of ZOLTOR off of Big….so I had to have a selfie! His nose needs some color!img_4897


I found a set that was similar on ebay.  It had Mary, baby Jesus, Joseph and the three wisemen and was listed at $699.  Not sure it will sell for that, but it sure made me feel like I got a deal!!

Time to go mow…I think the grass is dry enough.  It rained this morning..between thursday night and today we had just over an inch of rain.  Unheard of in August…we have been mowing every three days all summer long..



Yesterday was Monday..ALL DAY.  So today will have less hiccups and go better.

Friday, I went to Costco and stocked up.  They had a sale going on a lot of things that we use…so that was a little more than a typical Costco trip.  I worked on cleaning the house when I got home.  I must say, by the time Jeff made it home from his golf outing I had things looking like I like it look.

Saturday we pulled some volunteer trees at the 211 house.  We have more to dig and pull.  We golfed Saturday night with friends then grilled out here afterwards.

Sunday, we worked on getting the bar side of the basement totally empty in preparation of the floor install, which should be coming in the next few weeks.  I can’t express how nice it is to go into a nice dry basement…. Soon it will be a clean basement.  I hate to go all hog wild before the floor goes in.  But as soon as that is done, I will be cleaning and scrubbing in earnest.

I will have to talk to my friend Brenda and see if I can use Murphy’s oil soap and clean the wood then go over it with a satin sealer.  I am not sure if the oil will in the soap will mess up the sealer or not.  It shouldn’t have an effect, because stains are oil based and sealers go over that just fine…but that it is a lot of area to screw up if it doesn’t work. I think I am overthinking this..

I emptied out the bar and moved all the bottles to the storage room…we have gained several bottles over the last couple of years.  I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but I can remember what was in our bar…I brought all the glassware upstairs and washed all of that.  The kitchen table is completely full of glassware to go back down after the floor is in and the bar is scrubbed clean.

Jeff has trimmed all the wood up about 4-5″ and we will put a mopboard down after the floor is done.  The basement looks like a disaster zone, but knowing how nice it will look keeps us both going.

The Saturday evening with friends and grilling here, gave us the push we needed to get the back patio cleared off…we got the flooring moved to the shed, the wheelbarrows put back away and the twigs and debris all swept up.  Jeff hosed off the remainder of the dirt and dust and we sighed with relief of having our patio back.  I do need to paint the picnic table/benches.  It must have been custom made for this house.  As a bench it stretches the back of the garage…if you pull them out, the backs tip back and they turn into picnic tables…in any case, they need scraped and painted.  It has been raining at least every 4 days and the humidity has been unbearable.

Our pumps are pretty quiet- which means they have slowed down on their pumping.  It has been a long summer in that basement and a very short summer for any fun.

Time to hit this day and embrace all that it may bring…


My 1/2 day off…I almost..almost- dislike my 1/2 days off because my to do list is so tall that I almost get overwhelmed thinking of where to start.

I got a good start on mowing last night.  I did by the barn and by the wishing well and the front ditch.  I will probably do the back and south yard when I get home and head to the shed and do that.  I need to mix up more spray..I need to grocery shop and do laundry and do dishes…

Jeff is having a guys golfing day.  him and some buddies are headed to willow run.  That should be a good time.  It is a nice course and golfing a nice course with friends is a blast.

On my to do list before winter is to wash all the windows.  I usually do it several times a summer, but this is not our usual year…so I have only done it twice and only the parts that do not have the screens on them.  But on the bright side, birds haven’t been hitting the glass trying to fly through them..

I will probably head to Costco when I get off, I need to stock up on some basics.  That will eat at least 40 minutes of my day.

Debbie and I somehow pulled a 40 out of our butts on Wednesday night.  We started on hole 1 (unusual, we do a shot gun start) We sucked so bad on one that I thought we had a 10..nope we had a 9.  We got our shit together and did well the other 8.  We felt that we had golfed well after hole 1, but didn’t think we did that well.  We had a fun group to golf with, so that helped a lot.

It was breast cancer night and we had 55 people show up, which was great- we have many survivors in our group and we had one that was diagnosed and will have surgery in two weeks.  She is my friend and neighbor.  She is younger than mom, but has the same spirit, wit and humor and she reminds me of mom every time we have a conversation.  Here is to her spirit, her fight and her greatness to get through this hurdle.  I am confident her recovery will go well, she is too tough for it to go any other way.

I did win a door prize- I was excited about that!  I won a titlist hat and two sleeves of balls.  The gal that got the door prize that I brought was very excited too.  That made me feel good.  There was enough wine there for prizes to outfit a bar…which is great if you like wine.  I don’t like wine…. so the remaining choices to put my tickets in for a chance to win were slim.  I would say it cut the prizes in 1/2.  1/2 wine, 1/2 other cool stuff.  I went for the other cool stuff.

When I ordered my stuff on line at amazon, I saw some ball markers that were too funny to pass up.. sofa king close is what they say.  you have to say it fast to get what it really says.  So those popped into my cart…along with a bunch of tees.. I break a tee a hole, so I do actually go through quite a few tees in a summer.  Then I saw some shorty, plastic tees that gals I golf with like to use on 7 and 9, so boom, into the cart they went.  I gave some to my friends at golf.  It is too easy to shop Amazon.  In my defense, I did go to a few stores on my lunch and no where near work do they sell the stuff I bought on Amazon.

Travis turns 30 tomorrow.  Every time he says 30, it is like stabbing can he be that old?  I don’t feel old enough to have 30 year old kid…

Time to embrace this day and all that it will bring.

Guess what day IT is… Hump Day

Goals were to make one improvement a year here…this year the west windows on the breezeway were on my to do list….thanks to the water, a different improvement was done.  But an unexpected improvement is being done- we have what I call a brooder shed, it is a cute little shed that is tucked in behind some monsterous 1/2 dead elm trees, it is just north of the barn by about 4 mower widths (60″ widths).  We lost a lot of limbs during the last two storms.  The guy that was too busy cutting trees to trench in the pipe for us, is cutting back those huge elm trees right now.  Jeff told him to just do it- I am thankful.  In four years, we will have some more firewood (it has to dry that long to burn in the fireplace). He has it about a 1/4 down as of last night.  When I pulled in after having my hair done, I was amazed to see the roof on the little shed-the trees have hid it for years…  Awesome! He will leave the good part of the pair of trees they lean towards the west and if they give up the ghost and fall, it won’t harm anything, and in the mean time, it will still offer shade.

We need to redo the roof on the north side of it, it has a gaping hole in it..and we need to redo the houses many critters beneath it, but it is a cute shed with 4 of which needs replacing…it will house all my garden pots, garden tools and chemicals.  I am excited to think of the finished product. It will get those things out of the barn.  In the 5 year plan, the barn will be taken down.  It is cute, but not real useful.

Tonight is golf.  Every year we do a fund raiser for cancer and tonight is the night.  We will dress in pink, pay $20 to golf and have door prizes.  We each bring a door prize.  Me, being the procrastinator..waited until Sunday and ordered stuff off of Amazon.  Then, yesterday I saw a post that we had to have the stuff there by last night…it was posted yesterday morning…ugg.  So I got my hair done, prayed that amazon had delivered.  I got home and there it was!  Being my organized craft room is no longer organized and is spread willy nilly through out the laundry room…I improvised a gift bag.  I grabbed a 1 gallon zip lock bag and put the golf accessories in it that I ordered stuck my name on it and ran it out to the golf course.  Nothing like last minute….

Time to embrace this day and see what it brings!



We survived the hard work weekend…Jeff got too much heat and had muscle and joint aches.  He was hydrated, he just got too hot.  So he spent yesterday recuperating.  I was stiff and sore, but when I got hot, I found shade until I cooled off…he didn’t.  I will wake him  soon and see if he is feeling better.

We got a lot done.  We need to go to the store and get about 500′ of 3″ drain tile to put in the trenches at the shed…the trenches are working…they already have water in them.  Crazy.

Today at lunch I will go to Ace, it is the first Tuesday of the month and they discount the entire store.  I need more Round up and some saw blades.

I thought about the to do list for the remainder of summer and it was almost overwhelming….but, if you do a little at a time, pretty soon it is all done.  So we will continue on.   I ran into Dean Short last night and gave him Cody’s number, I know they need dirt.  As I was talking to Dean, he was telling me about the house they had taken down next to Terri & Cody’s.  He said the tree stump he dug out barely fit in the dump truck.

I have a hair appointment after work today.  Get my grays touched up….I wonder when I will say heck with it and go completely gray.  Probably not soon.

Cade and Travis came Sunday night.  We played in the water out back and he thought it was great with his dump truck and tractors… it was funny.  When he got here, he headed to the south yard to look at Kenny’s excavator…it had been there most of the summer.  It was gone and onto other projects…He looked at us and shrugged his shoulders like WHERE is THAT TRACTOR??  He kept looking south and looking at us, looking south and looking at us…He is so cute.

Well, time to embrace this day and give thanks for all that it may bring.



Trenching and sloping went well yesterday.  We have the 4″ drain tile in the trench and just need to hand dig about 6′ through the rocks out back to the house.  We went to Bomgaars and the farm store looking for a 4″ hoe..they come standard 6″.  So we bought a new hoe and Jeff used the chopsaw and cut it down to a 4″.  He also bought me a “professional” spade…Yep, I graduated up from the garden variety one.  It works slick.  I like the design of it and it is narrower and stronger than the other spades we own.  Yes, I get excited about tools that make things easier.

Today is Terri & Cody’s anniversary!  Not sure where the time goes, but has gone quickly.

We had a golf date with friends last night.  We worked hard to finish in time to shower and to get to the course to meet with them.  It was a good time.  We went to Bushwackers afterwards and ate bar pizza and had beer.  We had a lot of laughs and Debbie J was on a roll.  We went to the Wheel and listened to the band there, I can’t remember the last time we had an evening of laughter like that.

This is the machine they gave Jeff instead of the walk behind one…


This is the main run to the ditch. You can see where we are teeing off from the east side of the house


Using the laser level to get an idea of the slopeimg_4871renderedimageimg_4872

Our maple tree…and not a good picture of the red Maple to the right of it.


This is the burr oak.  You can see in the back ground part of our neighbor’s to the south Struggle…


This is a flowering crab.  And more of our neighbor’s pain and struggle….You can see they have the posts in for the new fence.  I hope things dry up enough for them to get it done.


I will try to take photos of our other flowering crabs that have too much moisture as well as our dying walnut trees…..But look at how green our grass is!  There is always an up side right?


We will see how much we can pack into this day.  Jeff rented a trencher after work yesterday.  He rented a walk behind, but when he got there, the bearing was out of the walk behind and they gave him this really cool ride on one for the same rental price.  It has a trencher, a little excavator and a blade, all on floatation tires.  I looked it over and said it was pretty sweet and headed to the grocery store to get a few items.  the grocery store is like a mile away…I bought about 8 items, when I returned, he had a trench dug from the house to the yard, from the ditch all the way to the west side of the house….I was gone maybe 15 minutes..

We borrowed a laser level from Jesse and will fill and remove dirt as needed to get the slope we need to get to the ditch.  The basement floor is still dry, the pumps are running like they should and the humidity is down to 35%.  We have put a lot of work, time and money into this, and I am very grateful that the black cloud over our heads is lifting.  I have not done any deep cleaning in the basement, I will wait until after they put the new floor down then I will work on the wood and get that looking new again.  I figure it is going to get nasty dusty when they grind…so I just look at it every time I go down to change out laundry or dump dehumidifiers and think….it will look amazing soon…

So, as quick as he was able to trench that area yesterday, we will also move some dirt at the shed and sink a drain tile there to get the water away from the walnut trees…they are so pitiful…I am not a fan of Walnut trees, but gosh, there are 8 of them and they are 15-20 years old so we got to do what we can to save them.  One is gone for sure, another one has about 5 leaves left on it and the rest are sparse…

Swenny stopped over last night to see what we were doing…He is concerned that Kelly on the corner will have water problems with our pumps going to the ditch.  I am less than sympathetic.  Kelly has a ditch to the north of his place, it needs cleaning out.  It is a property south of the ditch that Jeff and I cleaned out this spring.  He needs to get out and work on his ditch.  Not my circus not my monkey.  Ironically, it was his parents that put in a large pit and pump that is flooding our shed along with 3 other houses pumping water towards our shed.  So us, being us, will do our best to alleviate that problem and get it to the ditch that goes to the creek.  Rather than stand around and wait for someone to fix it for us or reimburse us….ugg..I just get tired of lazy people sometimes.

The guy south of us has been trying to stabilize his ground all summer.  He got a cat dozer in there to level it.  So on the south edge of our property it drops about 5 feet down to his lot now.  Well, when you get that far down, you hit a sand base.  He has been battling that muck and quicksand all summer.  It has rained about every 4 days since March and he is to the point that he can’t get anything OUT of his building.  He has a beautiful toy hauler camper- the high end amazing kind of camper.  There it sits, trapped in the building because the ground is too soft to get it out.

The fencing company came yesterday and put the posts in for the fence that will go around the property.  We went and checked that out.  6 postholes are filled with water to within 15 inches of the top…The guy can not catch a break.  I think he wishes he would have left the ditch by the road as a full ditch…just saying…our water could affect him, but if it does, it is a problem he actually created.

Jeff & I saw 5 turkeys the other night by John & Lori’s.  Glad to see them!  The wildlife has been a little sparse this summer with all the rain and activity related to the rain..

Wayne’s corn out back is growing wonderfully.  I hope it has time to develop before frost.  right now it is starting its ears.  if the rain continues on our sandy soil, he will have a good yield.

I was going to sleep in this morning….4:30 am…bright eyed and bushy tailed…I am so dumb…I can’t drag my ass out of bed during the week, but on I am..

I looked at the areas last night that I had sprayed last week.  I have some touch ups to do, but I thought I did pretty good for an initial kill on the weeds around the perimeters of the buildings.  I think the round up took a very long time to kill this time because the weeds were healthy and well watered and it took a while for the round up to get where it needed to go to kill them.  Crazy year…