Thursday…as in still not Friday…

Life is good, we had a little deer that came to visit us the other evening.  He/she usually is with bigger friends and seemed a little lost and alone without his/her buddies.  The migrating song birds have came and went.  The squirrels have been raiding the cornfield and leave the husks in the grove and carry the ears of corn over to the creek.  It is quite a sight to see a squirrel running across the yard with a bright yellow ear of corn.  I imagine they are hungry being the walnut trees barely produced a leaf…and didn’t produce any walnuts due to their wet state and I just hope they make a come back next year.

The guy to the south finally got the fence up.  He has been fighting water and weather all summer.  It looks very nice.

It is getting closer to November 2nd and Tanner Larson’s benefit.  The donations of auction items have been pouring in.  Love small towns.  It will be a good turnout I am sure.

We are splitting wood this weekend.  We had a big…huge..elm tree taken down.  Some of it was dead, some of it was alive…I will say, you tell by the wood you lift as to which is wet and which is dry.  Jeff brought a splitter home from work so we can have two going.  Both are homemade and the one he brought from work is a doozy.  They said they had to put a regulator on it- it is the kind that lifts the logs and puts them where they are to be split…when they first tried it, the arm that lifts would chuck a log 30 feet.  All I could say was “COOL!” but they fixed it and it works as it should.  I am a tad disappointed…

But that thing makes short work of logs.  The wedge is probably 10 inches high.  It made short work of the 24″-30″ around pieces of that tree.  But they will have to dry down for a few years before we burn those.  So this weekend will be a gathering of fellow wood needers..I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  We don’t need a lot of wood, so we are sharing.  It is more of seeing and working side by side with the people rather than the need for the wood.

Time to get this butt moving and head to work and embrace what ever the day brings!



Brrr..that is all I got this morning.  The wind blew all night and all day yesterday.  It was my “off at noon” Friday and I went to Costco.  They run a sale every month and thankfully it usually has the essentials we use on sale every few months.

So I started into the store.  I had my bags and large soft coolers.  I thought it made more sense to put the items into them while I was in the shelter of the store than to do it as I put it in my car, out in the elements.  It was windy, it was snowing, it was raining, it was just plain ass miserable.

I browsed through a lot of the aisles…I looked in the toy area that they have well stocked for Christmas.  I never know what Cade “needs” until I see it 😉 Well, there were the large die cast cars with working hoods etc.  there and low and behold there was a Chevelle!  It was even Orange!  It even had black stripes!  It had a black top-Jeff’s Chevelle doesn’t…it was a 71, and Jeff’s is a 72.  But by gosh Cade “needed” a car like grandpa’s!

I bought a roast, some pork chops, some chicken….Pop, Kleenex, Jet dry, laundry soap, my list went on and on and on…. I checked out and went to the entry where the carts are and started bagging my stuff.  When I got it bagged, I had two carts instead of one..and headed to the parking lot.  I filled the back end of my car and headed home.  I unloaded and started putting stuff away…my Apple watch was applauding me for exercising…that made me laugh!

We needed potatoes, but I couldn’t make myself buy a 15 lb bag..I needed eggs too, but again, I didn’t need flats of eggs, a dozen lasts us forever…So I still need to go to the store for those.

Today is mom’s birthday…I miss her sarcasm and laughter.  She has been gone 4 years last month.  This year has been a year of reconciling for me…I have finally had the time to think..or perhaps allowed myself to think of the 13 month journey I was on with her.  I have finally slowed down from hyper drive, quit worrying about if the phone would ring, and started living outside of a 15 minute at a time timeline and have looked ahead to doing stuff and taking time to enjoy life.  It is hard to explain.  But when you go through this with a loved one, your time is not your own, you freely give up every second of every day to put them first…I am pretty sure I had a form of PTSD that I am just now overcoming.

I remember thinking during that journey….when will an adult step in and take over for me?  Then I remembered that I WAS the adult.. a push to adulthood at age 50 that I never wanted…this year, I have had the time to review the decisions that I made during that time and beat myself up for a bit then decided they were right because she was very ill, with an incurable disease that swept through her body like wild fire…there was not a chance for her to overcome it….there was no way to get her back…and she was ready.

I had Jeff & the kids help me through the stress and the times I felt so alone and helpless and overwhelmed.  They helped me through thick and thin…the overwhelming task of going through her things and the auction…preparing her home for sale.  I am thankful for them and I think they know she would have expected no less.

So today, I will give thanks for an incredible woman that influenced me so heavily and that I miss, but I miss in a good way…a way of respect and heartfelt love.

I went to the Chris Tomlin concert last night and his words and songs were very uplifting at just the right time.  Thank you to my friend Val for taking me.  It was a great evening!

Tonight I will break out that nasty Jack Daniels and toast to mom!


It is snowing in Pierre already….we may or may not get snow out of the system that is coming through starting today through Saturday.  So it will be wet, cold and a good weekend for inside projects.

It won’t be like real cold…only in the 30’s so just below or just above freezing.  Real cold would be defined to me as below Zero.  Jeff checked all the anti freeze levels in all the vehicles so they are ready.  He started trusty rusty the snow plow blazer and made sure it was ready to roll…just in case.  We still need to get the generator out of the shed and into the buggy in case we get freezing rain instead.

All my flowers are cleaned up with the exception of the ones in the wishing well…I elected to leave those until spring.  The geraniums are safe from frost and I will put them in the basement in the next few weeks.

Time to hit this day and embrace anything it throws at me.  I am not ready for the season change…but it will come whether I am ready or not.  I feel that summer didn’t even exist it is like we went from freezing cold to flood to fall…all in a span of a week.  I know it wasn’t really that way, but it sure seemed that way.



So on my to do list Saturday was to clean the fridge…It hasn’t been draining right when it defrosts and gets wet inside.  Jeff said it needs leveled.

So I empty it, thaw it, clean it and was just drying the large glass shelf that goes over the crisper…I had it out and it was at room temp and I had washed it was just drying it and it literally exploded…Mind you, I was at the sink.  There was glass clear to the entry way door, on the counters, under the refrigerator…every where.

Thank goodness Jeff was in the house!  I couldn’t move.  He grabs the shop vac and makes his way towards me… I had glass on my hands, on my pants, on my boots…it was shit show for sure.

So I went to order new glass….yes, it is availble..but by the time I had it in my cart, and shipping and tax was added onto it, it was just shy of $100…ugg…$100 bucks to clean to the fridge.

But I got it leveled, it was about 5 turns of the screw to high on the front.  So we will see if my leveling was effective.

I cleaned the flowers out of the large planter out front….Paint me stupid, but I thought the sweet potato vine was ornamental.  It isn’t.  I had quite the crop of sweet potatoes off of two vines…They didn’t look like any sweet potato I had seen before, so we elected not to eat them.  there were 5 good sized ones off of two vines.

So I pulled the first vine and a ##%#@@ snake stuck his head up out of the dirt…really?? So instead of getting all scared, I chose the opposite and got mad.  I got my gloves on, grabbed the little snake and threw him to the ground…I picked him up again and threw him onto the driveway… Ugg.  So at this point, I had about 6″ cleared of 12′ of planter.  I kept going..

Cade arrived and we dumped all the plants in the burn pit and went to the corner of 5th and Cedar and Cade picked out some pumpkins to sit in the planter.  He personally selected 3 huge ones and two small ones.  He carried the small ones to the car.  Jeff put the pumpkins in the planter and another snake was dumb enough to show himself.  He got tossed too.  It has not been a great year for crops, but the snakes are thriving.  These are the run of the mill garden variety…but we both do NOT like snakes.

I decided that next year, Cade and his sister and I would plant a few hills of pumpkins north of the tin shed.  I figure it is a good spot, that I hate to mow.  If any of them make it, Cade will get a kick out of seeing them next fall.

The front of our house looks bare…The two pots of geraniums got deflowered and put in the garage to dry down where they are safe from frost.  We have a major winter storm moving in later this week- we are on the edge with only and inch or so predicted, the middle of the state and west side could get up to a foot…it all depends on if the temp is cold or not..Mid October is too soon for that much snow..but we will be in the 50’s and 60’s next week, so not worth scooping if we do get some.

Time to hit this day, find all that is good in it and go to Chase the Ace tonight.  We will have supper and be home by 7.  It is exciting to see the crowd start to grow.  I was wrong last week.  I thought it would be 10K it was 9K so it should hit 10K this week.




Seems to be a common thread this year..but seriously, it has rained almost every day this week.  Still haven’t heard our pumps run and our basement feels and smells moisture free.

We still haven’t put it all back together yet.  Jeff wants to do away with the popcorn ceiling.  Which we discovered will be easy…we discovered it quite by accident.  We had a what is called a geyser pump (old school) and if it runs low on water to pump, it will geyser it up in the air…well it geysered and hit the ceiling.  Jeff touched the ceiling where it hit and it was soft and pliable.

So we will get that wet and scraped and install at least 6 more lights in the bar area and then start putting it together again.  Sometimes you just get tired.

Today is gloomy…I heard a coyote howling to the East when I went out this morning…they are usually to the south.  It will be a heavy year again for the coyotes.  I just hope they don’t come to visit me when I am on the step…that really weirds me out and makes me nervous.

I have laundry going and thinking of what I should do today..the list is long. So I will start with the have to do’s first and see how the day shakes out.

I worked up some insurance quotes on the Chevelle yesterday.  I ended up going with Hagarty.  I did it myself rather than having our personal lines department do it.  I had asked a question of one of the gals and the other gal poked her head up and asked what we paid for it….I highly considered going to another independent agent to write it for me.  When someone asks questions so they can talk about you later… doesn’t sit well with me.  Which is why none of our other insurance is where I work.  I didn’t tell her what we paid…I told her what we didn’t pay for it..and left it at that..  NUNYA….as in none of your business.  She is the same person that tells everyone when someone buys something without a lien holder….really? ugg.

I am pretty much an open book and overshare all the time, but when you are seeking information to talk about me I tend to not say alot to you other than the weather…..I am not a self destroying type of person.  Slay me once, shame on you, slay me twice shame on me…

Today I have a lot of choices, so the first choice I will make is to be happy and positive!  Hope you will too!






Saturday came and went…I didn’t write about it being the 4th anniversary of mom’s passing.  It was a tough year for me, I think it is because we slowed down enough to think.  We had a few firsts that I was unable to share with her and we had got on with living instead of surviving everything..

When she passed 4 years ago, it was a relief that she was pain free, but she sure left a big hole in our lives.

I spoke with a gal yesterday who is overwhelmed with her mom and is honestly…unfortunately…very mean to her.  I listened properly and with a poker face, when deep inside I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her.  No, it isn’t easy.  But it is an honor and no matter what occurs, they need to be treated with love and matter how difficult the road is.  They didn’t ask to be put into that position and neither did we…you do the very best you can and get through the tough spots with patience because there may not be another tomorrow…

Off that soap box…I get so sad just thinking of the opportunity she is missing.

We mowed last night.  Got done just before dark.  Dark is coming early.  I only saw one snake and couldn’t chop it up because it hid in the lilac bush.   Snakes are terribly thick this year.

The building to the south is getting the privacy fence put up.  It is a plain fence.  But at least he is able to gain some ground after this wet, wet, year.  I feel bad for him.  But had he left the grade of the land alone, he would not have had a mud bog.  He had campers in the shed that didn’t come out all summer because it was to wet to get a vehicle in to get them out…

Sadly, the entire midwest is soggy.  I was amazed seeing how wet it was as we traveled on Friday and Saturday.  Every ditch was wet, every river was swollen, it was crazy.

Today, Canton Motor is having an open house and ribbon cutting.  They bought Peltier’s collision center building and have three different businesses in there.  I called the Garden shed and ordered a plant to welcome them to the neighborhood.

We still haven’t got to know our new neighbors.  They seem to not want to know any of us…there has been ample opportunity to say hi and have a driveway chat…but they barely wave and do not invite conversation at all.  Strange.  But maybe they are highly private or have had bad neighbors before?  So we will continue to wave even though they seem to turn around and run into the house when we do so….

Time to hit this day and see what it brings…it is in the 40’s but thankfully we do not have 4′ of snow like Montana does!  BRRRRR…..


So after the Red Oak Iowa collection car auction that we didn’t buy anything at I told Jeff to continue looking for a Chevelle.  I called a place in St. Louis that had one, a few weeks ago, I told Jeff, he called on air fare (less than 200 one way) and we figured we would head to St. Louis.  Got a text from the guy that he sold it shortly after we spoke…

So I kept egging Jeff on.  I said you are the one that has always done without, or settled.  He settles for less constantly.  I told him that I want him to have a Chevelle to enjoy.  So the hunt continued.  He wanted a fun car, not a show car.  He had a certain price that he refused to pay over.   He found the 72 Chevelle SS tribute car in the middle of freaking no where…negotiations began.  He thought he was dealing with the “dad”…however the “kid” started sending weird emails…Jeff said I am out.  I do not want this, something is wrong with this deal.

So we were supposed to go to the ends of the earth last weekend but Jeff called the deal off.  During the week, the “dad” got a hold of Jeff, told him that it was the “kid” replying to the emails and made amends with Jeff.  Jeff worked him even harder and got the price down even more…Jeff is good at that stuff!  So we left for the middle of no where Friday at one.  The town that this was located in, reminded me a lot of southern Illinois.  No fences and farmland for miles and miles.  We had to go darn near to Canada to get this car.  We got to see North Dakota in the rush of Sugar Beet harvest.  It was quite the sight to see.  Fun fact…North Dakota farmers created the sugar plants for Crystal Sugar for an outlet for their sugar beets.  We got to see Two of the plants.  Pretty impressive to see the semi trucks of beets headed to the plants.  The machines used to harvest them were very impressive as well!  There was wet ground from here to timbuktu..they were using huge 4 wheel drive trak tractors to drag the semis in and out of the fields.  They had caution signs up on the high ways regarding mud covered roads, they had graders out grading the mud off the roadways.  I was amazed at the unity of the communities supporting their lifeline and harvest.  It was heartening!

We were supposed to look at the car Saturday morning, but we got there around 6 ish and the guy said come on over.  We got our hotel room and headed to his house.  The car was very pretty, it had all the expensive stuff done, Interior was nice, the body was pretty good with all rust areas (tank, floor pans etc) having been replaced.  It has a few dings and questionable body lines, but it was just what Jeff was looking for.  It was very low budget, very high shine, with a solid motor, trans, and aftermarket disc brakes.  It ran smooth and shifted amazing.  So the deal was done, Jeff drove it to the hotel and I followed in the Suburban with the trailer.

We had a lot of strangers stop and talk to us.  They all liked the car too.  Jeff was grinning like a kid at Christmas.  We have had a couple of collector type cars through the years, but we always ended up selling them when money got tight- Jeff always sold those first….so that is why I finally put my foot down and said you are buying one, you will buy one soon, or I will go find one and buy it for you…(I think that made him nervous) because I am shoot for the moon gal.

We put a car cover on at the hotel so that people wouldn’t see it and come close to it…but when we took the cover off yesterday morning, we had a guy stop in the middle of the service road and watch us take the cover off and asked if we could just hook that trailer to his truck.  Oddly, this is a small town….and no one had seen this car before??? Shit, if you asked anyone in our town who owned a Chevelle, they would seriously name them off by name…

So she is now home, safe in the shed and the prior owner is off to Colorado.  Here is a pic of it:


We weren’t sure about the orange…but it has grown on us.  It makes it even more unique than it is already.  Jeff is happy with it and that is the important thing.  I took it to the grocery store and got groceries with it yesterday…The bag boy didn’t know what to think as he was loading groceries into the trunk.  That made it a win for me.  My friend Val stopped out with her niece – I had bought cookie dough from her niece so we went for a ride in it.  Val explained the various things to her niece, where to put the lights on bright, how there is no air, the levers by the floor to pull to put the air out the two vents in the dash, the radio, no cup holders etc.  Then we both recalled how the glove box used to have two places to put your drinks on…this one didn’t have that.  I explained to both Val and her niece how the cowl induction hood worked and put the throttle down to show them how it opens.  That was fun 😉

So that was our weekend adventure.  We bought a car for cheap that looks real nice and the world is good… It brings us joy.  Life is short…buy the flowers, use the good china…eat the chocolate… we are, after all, responsible for our own happiness.  And seeing Jeff’s face is priceless and made my heart full of joy.