I woke to a new layer of snow on the ground.  Had a fitful night of nightmares- not sure what about, but I know I woke up afraid until I got my wits about me…then I slept hard.

I have given a lot of thought to this last school shooting…Everyone seems to be blaming the gun.  Certainly, not everyone has a need for a automatic weapon..but people also do not have the need of a sports car that goes 300 miles an hour either…..

Well, remember Tim McVay? they blamed him, not the van, not the fertilizer, it was him.

Remember growing up-if you did something wrong, you had consequences- your ass got beat.  Police? they were respected, but you feared the wrath of your parents worse…When did that disappear?  We spanked our kids, we disciplined them, we grounded them, we interacted with them, we ate supper with them, we made sure they were involved in activities, sports, they were involved with church.  They are also gun enthusiasts.

In today’s society, the children can not be disciplined- that is abuse apparently.  Back in the day, kids duked it out on the playground- fist fights were a norm.  They got that aggression out and it was done.  Now they would go to jail.  So all this anger is pent up..everyone is verbal about their likes, dislikes and it infuriates people.  There is a great deal of hate and opinions that are being spread like wildfire on social media.  The news and media itself is skewed- they show us what they want us to believe, not necessarily what is true.  So the bombshell builds…

The problem is not guns, it is the lack of God, the lack of discipline and the acceptance of unacceptable behavior.  Because after is “someone” else’s problem…let’s bitch and complain about everything behind our screens and do nothing to solve the problem.

Drugs – prescription and otherwise-have altered our society and our minds.  It has turned normal people into something else.  It causes deaths, despair and has taken the normal family into a new direction.

A gal I work with, took flowers to her daughter on Valentines day.  She walked right into a school of 1200 kids and not one person asked her why she was there…really?  Our homes are more secure than our schools.

So I will sit here and ponder life, say my daily prayers and thank the Lord for the blessings he has bestowed on me and others.  Perhaps I should look at our hunting guns before some asstard takes them away for the stupidity of others.



yes..I overslept today.  This cold is hanging on, not getting any worse, but I thought I was on the mend and the sneezing started in the middle of the night last night.  So I will head to work today with my nose in the condition it was in last Friday…argg.  I don’t feel bad, I am just tired of the nose thing.  Thankfully, my over sleeping still gave Jeff ample time to get ready and head for work and gave me ample time as well to get ready to head for work.

I woke with my alarm and was cold, so I decided to put the covers back on and warm up before getting out of bed..that did not work so well, an hour later I woke up thinking shit today is NOT saturday!  Oh well, it is how I roll.

Valentines day I came home to TBone steaks and fried potatoes greeting me at the door as I walked in.  My Valentine for many many years surprised me yet again!  You just never know what Jeff will pull out of his hat next.  He is a honey 365 days a year and I appreciate him.

Today I will make a Costco run after work and get “staples”.  I need more vinegar.  I used the last of it up cleaning out my pan that I had on the stove for a week, boiling water to get our humidity level up above the “desert” stage.  I thought I had wrecked it when I saw how much calcium had built up on it…a little vinegar and water in it and a plastic scraper- it cleaned up like new in about 10 minutes of soaking and 5 minutes of scraping.  Whew…

I need laundry soap, dish washer soap, paper towels and toilet paper…well, I probably don’t “need” towels and toilet paper just yet, but I don’t want to hit the danger stage of being low on such products!  Must have a little of my mom in me..

So I will embrace my somewhat late start today, I will still be to work early and see what I can solve there…never a dull moment for sure.

I have decided that I need to buy a different medicine for my cold symptoms.  I bought Mucinex and it took me a while to figure it out, it worked well on the symptoms, but it messed terribly with my head.  It is hard to explain, but it brought out the dark side, any thing that I had perceived that I had did wrong in my life-it brought it to the front of my mind and made me quite depressed.  I haven’t taken any for 5 days now and I feel that my head is back where it normally is.  I talked to my friend Debbie about it last night and she said that she was sure it was that medicine.  I am thankful that I realized it was the medicine..I seriously doubted my mental well being for a few days!  So keep that in mind if you take anything and feel “off”.  quit taking the shit and find something else!

It gives you pause for thought on the well being of others- everyone it would seem is on some type of medication.  When I went in for my colonoscopy last month, the nurse comes in and says we do not have your medication list on file.  I said I am not on any medication…apparently in this day and age that is extremely rare.  So..if mucinex can mess with my head…what meds are other people on that mess with them and they have no clue and think they are crazy??

Oh the things I think of early in the morning..right?

We have had cardinals still.  Love seeing them and I hope they stay around.  An eagle flew over Ace Hardware, across from work, this week.  I said look! an eagle!  everyone rushed to a window to see.  I saw that eagle fly over minnesota avenue yesterday on my way to work too.  Cool to see those majestic birds.

Time to hit it and embrace it and give thanks for this day.



I went to the courthouse yesterday to make sure I did not miss something in the mail.  Our taxes tripled on our acreage and I was a few days late last year to contest it.  So I will try this year.  In Lincoln County you must have 40 acres to have your farmable land be taxed as ag ground.  Well, we do have more than 40 acres in Lincoln County technically.  So we will see how that goes…I went to the commissioner meetings last year and they told me it was too late to contest it….so we will see if we end up paying three years of triple taxes or what they will decide.  We are not contesting the stepped up value of taxes on the house, based on the sale price, but getting dinged for residential type on the 17 acres that is farmed seems a bit of an overkill to me.  They put the house at a 100K more than what anyone was willing to pay for it…so I will question a portion of that as well…I am not a free loader, but fair is fair.

So I survived 1/2 day of work, a trip to the courthouse and decided that I should move some snow…My cold, though I don’t feel horrible, has made a “look like shit” dent on my appearance.  My eyes are red, watery, and itchy, my nose is running like a faucet or so stuffed I can’t breathe or i was a walking mess yesterday.  I went to the Milwaukee house, fired up the blower and did the walks there after the courthouse.  I went home, geared up, started the snowblower there and started blowing snow from the drive way.  In the new fallen snow, I saw the tracks..the tracks from the dog we do not own..Mattie..he had come to visit us when we were not home, after the snow had quit.  He came to the entry way door, snooped around, then pooped where Jeff usually parks and went out back and sniffed around the grill and the back door and then went to the barn.  I couldn’t believe he pooped 5 ‘ away from our door…he was probably upset that we were not there to hand him treats!  So I scooped up his poop and flung it out where we don’t walk every day and started blowing snow.

I blew snow for a good hour or so…we have what I would deem as a very large driveway…and it had been driven on a couple of times so the snow was packed down in areas. So each time I went over it, and came back the other way…it actually took it down to the pavement, but it was a lot of repeat walking back and forth.  I had to chuckle..I had my carhartt gear on, with my warm thick, stiff carhartt bibs on.  I sneezed – I sneezed so violently that had I been a character in a cartoon I would have flown backwards…but instead I thought oh my goodness.. did I just pee a little?  LOL…I convinced myself that I did not pee a little…and that even if I had, it would have took 20 minutes to soak out through my outer layers…so I was laughing, blowing snow, and unable to figure out if I actually did pee myself.  Yes…welcome to my life.  and NO it turns out when I was done, I did not pee myself 😉  but it was funny!

I unstuffed while I was blowing snow.  I felt pretty decent as I was finishing up, sweaty and hotter than all get out from the effort, but I could breathe through my nose.  Then I walked into the house and bam…I plugged up bigger than big…so I put on part of my gear and went back outside and shoveled off an area on the back patio.  I didn’t have enough energy left to feed the birds, so that will get done today.

There had been a few turkeys out back yesterday morning- I didn’t see them, but I saw their tracks and where they dug up the snow under all the feeders looking for food.  I was sitting on the couch eating a peanut butter sandwich and I saw a flock of 20 walking up Dave and Shirleys driveway heading for our house…..but a car came and they flew back the way they had come.  So I will get the Pheasant starter feed out there today- it was on clearance at Bomgaars and I figured if it was good for would be good for turkeys.  I have just a little sunflower seed left and little thistle seed left so I will see how far that will go in filling the feeders then go to bomgaars and buy some more.  The feeders were low enough on feed yesterday that the squirrels had to resort to the suet on the platform..and they never eat the suet…

I need to do laundry today, I did not do any inside work yesterday.  I noticed when I went to bed that our sliding closet doors were slightly open, they were open the width of our cat….she had figured out how to slide open the closet doors and each closet in our house is open cat width..she then decided that she wants to hang out in the cupboard by our kitchen table- the one where I keep paperwork in….that scared me the first time she came flying out of that cupboard!  I was like what the heck Hoosier???  Funny cat!

The other day at work, the girls were talking about the houses they grew up in.  I got a few strange looks when I said, the house I grew up in had no heat upstairs…and had five bedrooms and one bathroom.  I told them that bathroom was as far away from the bedrooms as you could get without going outside and that if I had to potty in the middle of the night in the winter, I would grab my blanket and head downstairs and that the folks would find me curled up on the hot air vent downstairs the next morning.  I didn’t live in a house that had central air until I was 51 years old.  I told them too, that we had a fancy outhouse on the farm where I grew up- it was a three seater.  We used it when we were outside in the summer and my grandpa always used it when he came to visit.  I realized during that conversation…that I was officially the “older” generation…whaaat??

We never went hungry, always had tons to do and never knew we were different or lucky, or poor until we paid attention to others opinions.  Funny how that works.

I watched HGTV a little yesterday, it was househunters in the Bahamas.  They had couples looking for homes in the Bahamas so they could get away from their hectic lifestyle on me dumb, but if you are in your 60’s …you can rent a lot of house or all inclusive for years for a million.  My other thought was this…are they so stressed that they do not realize that they can create their own oasis and slow their life down without spending a million dollars on a place very far away from them?  Oh well, guess it would not be a tv show then.  They complained of small kitchens, homes without storage…etc.  Seriously, how much storage do you need for shorts, shirts, and swim trunks?  This is a vacation home, not a hoarder home!  They need to simplify their lives.  Yep, the world according to Dawn….

Time to embrace this day, and get something done……



February 9th? Time is a flying!

We have had snow several times this week.  It was terribly foggy yesterday morning.  I could not for the life of me figure out how we can have dense fog at -2.  Apparently we had a lot of moisture in the air, a still morning and the temp and the “dew” point were within 5 degrees of each other.  In any case…it was foggy yesterday morning on my drive in.

I think it snowed around 5-6 inches yesterday and overnight.  It is fluffy light snow.  Funny story- ok, maybe it was ironic, and yes I can laugh at myself…..My wipers were iced up after know, they go and drag a good coat of ice and water against your wind shield.  So I rolled down my window and popped the drivers side to break the ice loose…instead I broke my windshield wiper blade- so if you see one laying at 57th and minnesota -it is mine.  The car beside me laughed…I laughed..I thought well, it is what it is!  It was pretty darn comical! I made it home without incident and bought a new blade in town and Jeff & Travis put it on for me before they went bowling.  Thanks guys!

We had 10, yes TEN cardinals at the feeders and on the ground Wednesday night.  It was the most cardinals I have ever seen in one place in my lifetime.  They are very watchful and protective of each other.  I love how bright the males are.  The females are almost orangey yellow, really a muted color, but have the same bright orange beaks and tuft on their heads.

I saw two bar stools on facebook that matched the ones we have in the basement so I messaged the seller and they were sold…then I got a message that they were not sold so I picked those up last night.  They are shorter than the ones we have…darn..but they are the exact same otherwise.  They were cheap, we will just have to put tall people on those stools!

Jeff & I have been diligent in hand washing, eating right etc and the crud has still hit our house…I just cross my fingers and think I can do the crud…please just don’t let it turn into the flu.. Jeff got it first and I started taking Emergen C hoping to ward it off..but it came yesterday, to me.  So I look like Rudolph with my red nose.  I started taking Mucinex at noon yesterday and slept fair last night.  I was up before my alarm but was grateful for the rest I did have.

Today is my short day, so I have a short list planned for the afternoon.   Depending on how I feel, it could get a lot shorter…. I will take care of things that I have to take care of and then settle in and rest this body.




February-the short month!

February is here and we are already 2 days into it!

I had to chuckle as I looked at facebook yesterday.  There is a very giving person, a person of deep faith, looking for clothes for a family that has arrived from Africa.  The person indicated that the dad works very hard to support his family.  They have 9 kids…I thought, wow…I bet he has to work hard to support a family of that size.  Can you imagine even just serving cereal for breakfast? Two boxes and a gallon of milk later….I hope they get the clothes they need, there were a ton of people offering to go through closets to donate to them.

I picked up a pair of jeans that Terri had bought off of Facebook.  I was not familiar with the address.  Turns out the “drive” it is on is just off of 41st street and is probably the shortest street in town.  Terri was pleased with the pants and the price.  I made her google the address before I agreed to go get them…you just never know what you will get when you  buy something on facebook.  I didn’t want to go to the areas that I deem as questionable.

We had 6 cardinals at the feeders last night at dusk.  With the aid of the binoculars I was able to see their redness- it was that close to dark.  A few had shown up Monday at that time….they must wait for all the other birds to leave for the night..We see one or two during the day on a weekend (when we are home to see them) but not the numbers that we have witnessed this week at dusk.

Today we can wear our favorite team football jersey to work….Well, not that big of fan and do not own an NFL shirt…so I will wear RED.  Today is wear red day for heart health, so that is what I will go for 😉 Now if they have wear your favorite driver’s shirt for the Friday before the Daytona 500, I totally have that covered…but they won’t have that, because I think there is maybe 1 or 2 of us that watch nascar…

Jeff tried to buy a 20′ long, wrought iron, ornate drive way gate for me this week on an online auction.  They frequently appear on this auction site and I thought they would look cool along our back fence in the back yard as a decorative statement.  They are black, with gold accents and gold finials.  Very ornate, very pretty to me.  The previous ones that have been sold were reasonable- very reasonable…like you could not replace to boards on the existing fence for that amount…well, whoever Jeff was bidding against wanted them way worse than he did.  I had to chuckle, he had them for the price we were willing to pay until one minute before the auction ended…then he got into bidding war with this person.  Well the other person got the gates, but they paid over double what the previous ones had sold for.  Jeff said, I had my limit set, then they pissed me off.  He is such a character!  But he did have the winning bid on a new hoist.  So we will go pick that up tomorrow.

Time to hit this busy day..I am still working on getting to work closer to 8…it is still not working real well……I think my workload is basically forbidding it.  Sanity is worth a lot to me.

I am truly thankful for all the blessings in my life.

Last day of January! Winter is cruising by!

We had an owl in the tree last night when we got home from work…it was a very big owl.  It was bigger than the biggest hawk we have seen.  Usually we just hear them.  We have two of the hoo hoo owls and one screech owl.  I like them and the hawks because they are good mousers.  I wish they didn’t eat the other birds, but that too is fascinating to watch.

As I snuck up on the owl to take a picture last night…I thought wow! we have been so blessed to witness so many critters since we have moved here! Woodchucks, possums, dogs, cats, deer, fox, eagles, a plethora of song birds, I am amazed at each day I witness.

Monday evening it was just about dusk, we had two male cardinals and three female cardinals at the feeders.  They were the only ones there.  I watched them for a good 10 minutes and thought of how lucky we were to have 5 cardinals visit.

I have to get down to business on the planning of the Behring reunion this summer.  I think Jeff would basically shoot me if I drug home anymore tables…however, there is an auction coming up on March 10th that has such a variety of entertaining items that I may very well have to check it out…..after all, the barn is still empty…and a great place to store such items.

The cat and I relaxed and watched some tv last night….Jeff worked on an engine build at the shed.  I did not watch the State of the Union address.  I wouldn’t mind watching the address itself….it is just that the commentators twist things so different from what I hear it being said that I wonder if I listened to the same thing they did…so I thought screw it- I am not watching.

Today will be a nice day weatherwise with cold moving in tomorrow.  Winter is getting shorter every darn day!  We have not had a friend gathering this winter and I need to get something going on that- maybe this weekend.

I have been giving thought to the Milwaukee house.  I think we need to order new cupboards and get that part rolling…we work on it and then take a break…time to work on it so we can get it sold this spring.  Life gets in the way and I like to remain sane…so breaks and time is good.

Tonight I have a hair appointment-that will be nice.  I need my roots touched up and a little shape up.

Time to embrace this day, give thanks for all the blessings in it!


Spent most of yesterday morning watching the birds..we have such a great variety of birds.  Even the most territorial birds flock to our feeders.  We have them spread out somewhat with a dozen feeding stations and even the shyest birds have a place to eat and hide.  The woodpeckers dart to the feeders, grab seed and fly away…I think they hide the seed in the tree bark to eat later.

We have had a pair of cardinals that come to visit.  They are not bold, they are shy and flighty and quick.  The woodpeckers, we have a pair that match up to the description of a northern flicker to the T except that they have a red cap…They are as large as a blue jay and are not afraid of the bossy jays nor the squirrels.  We also have little downy woodpeckers.  I am a bit concerned for next summer.  We have some dead branches of old school Elm trees that we need to cut back and I hope we do not destroy their homes in the process.

Yesterday Kelsey’s side of the family hosted a wonderful baby shower for her and Travis.  They received so many nice baby things and books.  Instead of a card, we all brought a book with well wishes written inside.  I am getting very excited to meet this little man…I just want him to stay put until March.

Travis took Maternity pictures of Kelsey.  They picked the hoar frost morning and went to the back road at the farm.  Kelsey had on a long red dress and the photos just took your breath away.  The contrast of the hoar frost against her dark brown hair and deep red dress…they were amazing.

Time to get ready to greet this week.  It has to go smoother than the last few.  It has been the type of month that has made me rethink a lot of things.  Such as do I still enjoy doing this?  Funny how a bad patch can make you question such things.  I am still working through things in my mind and am deciding if I am up for the challenge of turning negativity into something positive or if I will just decide that such a thing is not worth my efforts.

When faced with things such as that… mind says stay home and enjoy the birds!  But that is not the way I roll…so I will continue to search for solutions and answers.  I am a problem solver but I am getting smart enough to recognize that some problems have no desire to be solved and I am thinking this may be one of them!

Time to give thanks for the many blessings in my life, time to understand that any challenge I face only makes me smarter and stronger, and take time to embrace this day and all that it will bring.