So, it is too nice to be inside…but two frozen and wet to do anything outside…so I am restless.

I put my muck boots on and walked out into the field to see how that was draining.  I brought along our ice chopper just in case I felt I could aide it at all.  It was doing fine on its own.  It found the path of least resistance and is flowing slowly across McKenny’s pasture to the little creek that runs through there.

It is a bit nerve racking, because there is 20 acres north of us that is completely underwater and it is slowly making its way through the fence line to run across our field to the creek.  If it all went at once, I think our tin shed out back would have consequences of the drainage.

Wednesday I took off work at noon to have a planned fun afternoon with Travis down at Waddy’s bar in Hudson.  The pink ladies down there are doing a fund raiser of chase the queen.  The way it works is you buy tickets, like 50/50 tickets.  If your number is drawn, and only one number is drawn, you get to draw from the deck of cards.  If you get the correct queen, you win the pot. If you draw something other than the queen then you get 10% of the sales of that night.  Well, the pot was over 100K last wednesday and they were down to 5 or 6 cards in the deck…

So I get off at noon..check the basement and we had water just starting to come in.  Re did the front downspout to where it emptied to get it away from the house…it was frozen under ground…so It was like a game of mousetrap as I set up various items to transfer the water…it worked.  The downspout out back didn’t extend out far enough, so I had a 8 foot cardboard tube that I stuck on the end.  It was effective..

Shop vacced the water that had came in, set up 4 fans in the basement, three dehumidifiers and headed to town.  I was apologizing like crazy to Travis…this was supposed to be a relaxing fun afternoon…instead, we were loading 70lb tubes of sand in our vehicle and helping a lady get 20 of them in hers.. We only got 3 bags, but they were effective at the 205 house.  The sidewalk had heaved with frost and the water was running into the heave between the sidewalk and foundation…causing a puddle in the basement.  We got it mopped up, got the water slowed down and went on to the back yard.  The back yard is west of the garage, it was deep, but not threatening the garage, I got a scoop and started making a path.. it was like scooping a slushy but we got that water moving and it was like a firehose when it hit the hedge.  I pushed water through the dug out path and soon the street was totally wet and looking like a river… The back yard drained out in about two hours.  I have muck boots and it was almost to the top of them when I started.

We went on to the 211 house.  There was a puddle in the laundry room.  Thank goodness it was nothing earth shattering or deep at any of the houses and we had them all cleaned up and drying within hours.

When I went to work on Thursday, I had expected that the worst was over….it was for Canton, but not for Sioux Falls…The river was up to the on ramp at Minnesota ave… never seen it that high EVER.  Flooding was extensive and when I saw that Minnesota Ave. was flooded where it passes under I 229..I thought I better get going or they will close it and I wasn’t sure then which way I would go home.  I spent the next half hour trying to turn onto Minnesota Ave from 41st and get under the bridge.  30 minutes to go 4 blocks….I shit you not.  But by that time, Cliff was closed, Western at 57th was closed, Louise was closed from 41st to 49th and there were not a lot of ways to get south.  So I swear, every person in lincoln county that was working north of the river had to take Minnesota Ave. south…and they were all trying to do it at the exact same time…shit show.

After I got under the interstate and on my way up Minnesota hill, it was easy.  No problems getting home.  Took me longer to drive 4 blocks than it did to drive 20 miles.

Nebraska got nailed with flooding, a dam broke and wiped out several towns…Western SD and Western Nebraska got hit with a record blizzard and the ranchers were digging cattle and sheep out of drifts…between the blizzard and flood I hate to think of the amount of livestock lost..Prayers to all that are fighting…and a reminder of how blessed we are with just little water, and basically a minor inconvenience…easy compared to those hardy folks.

Time to find something constructive to do…like put away the snowmen out front…I can now see them- they are no longer encased by the snow drift…


Monday… Again..

Saturday I tackled the mountain of mail on our table…I say it was a mountain because seriously…by the time I finished going through it, I had a full garbage can of papers.  I had 4 envelopes to mail, a large envelope of tax related items and that was it.  It took me most of the day just to get through that crap….

I decided that I needed to go through the Saturday I did the cupboard where plates and bowls were stored.  Now everything fits again..I also went through what I refer to as our Paper goods cupboard.  We finally ran out of paper plates.  I neatened that up and made a list of stuff we were out of or low on.

Sunday I tackled cleaning toilets..I even scrubbed the cat’s litter box.  I could tell she was impressed.  I did laundry.  I tackled the rest of the cupboards.  You know you may be a crockpot hoarder when you discover that no, you don’t own 2 – 5 quart crockpots and a 3 own 3 -5 quarts, and 2- 3 quarts..and a roaster.  It was an ah ha moment when I discovered the extra crockpots in the very upper cabinets…Yes, I was on a ladder and on a mission.  I organized the food cupboards and discarded some items that were outdated.  How have we lived here long enough to outdate canned goods?  There was only one, and it is not something we use.

I scrubbed the counters, and put chicken in the oven to bake around 3.  I sat down to read Joy for Josie.  The book is written by Molly Lems Windschill.  It tells of her journey through having Josie, who earned her wings before she was born.  Molly is Tim and LaVonna’s daughter.  Let’s just say I made it through 30 pages and decided that I could not read it…my tears would not stop.  I saw the family’s pain when it happened and I found it difficult to see it unfolding again in the book.  My heart ached..

Last night, I thought about and said prayers of blessings for the moms that left the hospital without their babies.  I thought of Tami, when they lost their first born son, I didn’t know what to say at that time, I was in my early 20’s without a thought of children at that see the heart break she had was terrible…I thought of Kim, and I thought of Terri.  Stillborn or miscarried, the babies that were loved so much…it is just hard to think of, hard for a mind to grasp the magnitude of pain and the years of what ifs.. My thoughts and blessings to each of these people.

So I am not sure I can finish Molly’s book or not.  I know that writing is very theraputic and I did encourage Molly via facebook messages to continue to write because it is a healing process.  It is like it is out of your brain and makes coping with daily life a little easier.

As things should be, after putting down Molly’s book, I went out to feed the birds…A female Cardinal was in the trees…very appropriate.

I worked on the front step yesterday trying to remove 2″ of ice.  I got about 3/4 of it cleared.  I let the sun work on where we park, I moved the tahoe and kept going after that darn ice with a shovel…between me, Jeff and the skidloader and the sun, we got it pretty good.  As I dinked around yesterday outside, I wore a flannel shirt and my face didn’t hurt…I can live with this type of weather.  Rain is predicted for Wednesday…a lot of rain.  This will result in flooding because the ground is froze solid and won’t absorb any of it…ugg.

Time to embrace this day, embrace the people that are in it and get some work done at work!

Rain? (Ice)

My Goodness…it is warm enough in the air to rain…but cold enough everywhere else to freeze….Ugg.  I woke this morning and when I got to the hall I heard the rain hitting the front of the house…it was an eerie sound.  Made coffee and went to check the basement.  No water yet.  Maybe it will be ok.

On this day in 2001 I was at aunt Wilma’s in Springfield Illinois.  I got the call from Jeff that Paul had passed away and mom and I headed home.  Straight home.  We drove hard only stopping for gas and arrived home 8 hours later in the middle of the night.

I remember missing this kind soul Paul as much as I missed my own dad.  He was kind, he was patient, he had a great sense of humor and he liked me.  He encouraged me, he always took time to talk to me and show me things.  Time gives you acceptance.  So this cup of coffee is to an amazing man that impacted my life in so many positive ways!

I am thankful that his sons all display his quirky sense of humor, his work ethic, his ability to start and finish projects and to fix anything.  He raised kind boys.  I am certain that he and his son Doug are keeping an eye on all of us…I miss them both and will try harder to have their outlook and attitude towards life.  Because they both were bigger than life.  It is an honorable endeavor to try to pattern myself to be more like them.

I stood in the garage a few minutes ago with the door open and the cool rain breeze hitting me…our cars have a good coat of ice on does the driveway and the sidewalk..where there isn’t standing water.. Glad we have a ton of groceries and maybe I will find the ambition to do the important things today…like thin the herd of odds and ends dishes in the cupboards…shred a ton of mail…and take the opportunity to get the house back up to my standards.  not that it is terrible, it just isn’t wonderful.  lol..funny how time changes your attitude towards what is worth doing – I like a clean and non cluttered house and the Milwaukee house took time away from me keeping this house to my new found standards.

Got our Christmas Card from Anderson yesterday- I love that she sends them out after Christmas, during a crappy bleak time.  I enjoy her letter every year.  I like that it comes when nothing else does and it never gets lost in the shuffle of all the other cards we get! She has such a great writing ability and sees humor in so many things.  I am glad she was one of mom’s very best friends and that she has stayed in touch.  Love that gal!

Time to embrace this soggy day- wait for the snow to come and enjoy every moment of it and the people in it.



It is March and it got clear up to 8 yesterday.  This weather is very bitter.  Although, I will say, in the sun, out of the wind, it was almost tolerable.

The wind came up late afternoon and the drifts started forming again.  I saw that the storm coming this weekend could result in rain (oh to be so warm to have rain) or it could bring a foot of snow with high winds…Well, at least we don’t have hurricanes or earthquakes!

It was so cold and windy on Sunday night that we elected not to even take the garbage to the curb.  We had one bag…it can sit in the garage until next week.  Now you know that is cold when we say screw that!

I was going to put the throw rug and mats in the laundry room last night, but decided the couch was the place to be.  I made chicken breasts and asparagus for supper last night and had a small bowl of ice cream with lots of fresh strawberries before I headed to bed.  It really hit the spot.  I think I was craving the strawberries more than the ice cream!

Time to hit this day, embrace all that may come and keep the little voices quiet when work gets stressful…today, I will endeavor to not notice stuff that needs to be done that isn’t really my responsibility.  I will leave it for that mysterious person that everyone refers to as “them” “they” etc.  Today I will endeavor NOT to be that mysterious them, they person that does not exist!  What a plan…I will let you know how that works out…



Friday was a shit show trying to get to work…I got behind a snowplow with 30 other cars and made the 15-20 mph trek to work…A guy was recently killed near Hartford passing a everyone stayed in a line and he finally turned off at 85th street in Sioux Falls. It took an hour to get to work.  God bless them, but holy shit…

So yesterday, we went and worked on the Laundry room at the Milwaukee house.  It is almost done, I just need to vacuum the rugs at the bottom of the steps and put an area rug and a couple of anti fatigue mats down and it is done. Before photos…




Doesn’t feel like a dungeon any more.  Lots of light, you have a place to fold and to dry delicates,  There is no doubt where the washer and dryer go…I love the 10′ folding table.  I will put an area rug down to make it homier and put the anti fatigue mats down and we will call it good.

We came home and Jeff moved snow.  We had large drifts around the house and if we got a sudden spring thaw….we could possibly get water in the basement here.  The drifts were big and hard like blocks..the snow was packed so tight that even though it was like sugar when you broke through it was heavy.

Today we get to go to Cade’s first birthday party.  That will be fun.  We haven’t all been together since his baptism!

Time to embrace this chilly -13 degree day…

March…in like a lion?

We have snow predicted again today…we will see what it amounts to.

I have to call the furnace man today….there is a pool of water around the furnace.  Is this where I say “if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” ?  lol.  All in a days life I say.

Cade came to keep grandma company last night while the boys bowled.  He went to the Dentist last week and was told that his molars are coming in before his canine teeth.  He was a drool monster last night and the pain from his teeth kept waking him up…felt so bad for the little snuggle bug.

Had the computer discussion with work.  The laptop is a 17″ which will make it better, I will be able to attach another screen to it.  Bam in like flynn.  that will work well.  We are down a couple people at work and yesterday I had one not feeling well.  I kept checking on her and she said she had a cold and just didn’t feel well and her eyes were icky…I looked at her eyes and said..I think you have pink eye.  She went to the clinic at hy vee at break and sure enough- pink eye.  She is out until Monday.  I felt horrible for her!  Then I felt bad for me…down another one.  But, hopefully this gives her time to sleep and relax and get on the mend.  It has been a heck of a month.

Time to hit this day…early bird keeps her sanity I say…

Furnace day……

So today is the day!  Oddly, that sucker has worked like clockwork after we got it fired up on Saturday.  I strongly dislike the house being at 75 degrees, but it must be where it’s sweet spot is.  So we will get the new one installed today and hopefully tonight will be a good night of sleep!  Let’s just say in South Dakota, in February, when we have not had an above freezing day since the 3rd…that 75 is sweltering.  Amazing how a few degrees makes such a difference..

The roads are still getting cleared from the weekend blizzard.  In Lincoln county, we are blessed with great equipment and great operators and when I left for work yesterday morning early, they were out doing a lot of gravel roads.  You could see them across the sections, with their graders and bright lights.  I am sure they are tired and the people that live on gravel are tired of being snowed in…but it is..afterall… South Dakota.

The main highways are pretty good, they will need the big winged plows to push it back a little further.  It is never good when the snow on the sides of the road is taller than the good wind and they are blown back in.  So here is to them getting a lot of snow moved before the next two rounds hit!

We have the advantage of living across the road from the chief of police- I saw the plow go by several times while I was awake on Sunday…works for me!

At work, they want me to get set up to work from home…Travis will work on our internet and get it to where we have great speed upstairs.  The wifi gets a bit lost at times.  I had bought this thing…it works great at his house, but didn’t work at ours- so he will figure out what is what with that.  My thoughts are that if I am going to work from home at any given time, I want my work set up….dual screens and a fast computer.  Call me odd, but when they said they would send a laptop home with me…I was like, do you even know what I do?  Someone said, I work from home on my phone….I was like what the hell do YOU do?  Check emails and what else?  At any given time, I have at least 6 windows open bouncing back and forth to gather the information that I need in order to do my job.  Certainly i phones are great…but they can’t do that with any amount of efficiency.

So.I must have got distracted and didn’t post yesterday…

The furnace is installed!!  Cade brought Travis, Kelsey and Morgan down last night to work on our internet speed and to show grandma and grandpa how to set the thermostat up on our phones…He is a bright child and so helpful to us!  Ok..maybe his dad had a hand in doing the work (all of it).

The humidifier portion seems to be doing a stellar job in the breezeway…but here is to hoping it does better in the rest of the house as the day goes on!

So goals for this day are to call the furnace man and ask about a little pump to put beside the furnace so that we can reroute the drain line to overhead rather than the floor.  Call the vet and get an appointment for Hoosier for a check up.  And put in a full day’s work at work.

Hoosier is starting to show her age…she is now 13 years old.  She eats a lot and puts on no weight.  She still plays and does her cat things, but the weight thing worries me.  We started feeding her science diet canned food everyday and she still eats the Iams dry food.  We have had her on good quality food all of her life but we just recently started giving her the canned food to give her a little extra moisture and hopefully put a little weight back on her.  But after a few months…I can’t say she has gained any weight and possibly seems a little lighter.  It is what it is, and she has had a spectacular cat life, we will just take her in and have a check up and see what advice the vet may have as far as her weight.  She has never been a fat cat, but this is light even for her.

Today I will hit head on, with hopes of accomplishment.  I will check with our IT guy and find out what programs I need for a computer to work from home with.  I figure if I have the opportunity to not commute one day a week…that it is a true investment.  I am willing to invest in my work and get a computer that has dual screens and set up a work space that I like.  It will also give me an opportunity to catch up on things that are bugging me without an extra trip to Sioux Falls on a weekend to work without being sent 5 different directions.  I am fine with the investment for a good work area.  Don’t get me wrong, they are more than willing to send a state of the art lap top with me…but I really can’t say I can do even a 1/2 ass job with a lap top..

Time to greet this day and all that it brings!