It is still dark but I think it will be a hoar frost morning.  Not going to lie- I am kind of excited about seeing that.  I love how pretty and whimsical the thick white frost looks on the trees.  It is as if mother nature is decorating for the season.

Jeff & I attended the Christmas party at the Country Club last night.  It is fun- they have a good spread of hors d’oeuvres and a few free drinks.  They also had a trivia contest.  I won a $25 Macy’s card…. the question? It was about alcohol…and a pirate.  As soon as they said Alcohol and pirate I raised my hand..the question wasn’t even out of her mouth… the name?  Captain Morgan of course.

The party is only two hours, which is a great window of time…not too long, not too short.

Good news from the Milwaukee house yesterday…there is actually flooring in a couple of rooms!!  Very excited about that.  The new roof will go on the 211 house today.

Jeff & I ran to Menards quick after the party last night and picked up another 4′ piece of countertop.  He said he doesn’t want to try cutting another one…so I will give Doug McKenny a call and see if he will cut the three pieces and the sink hole.  We will try anything at least once.  Jeff didn’t really want to try it in the first place, but he gave it a shot and wasn’t pleased with the result, so we will see if Doug will do it.

I will say that the cabinets look really great with Brenda’s magic stain and a good coat of new gloss varnish on them.  Paul & Sterling will be working to put in the carpet upstairs today and hopefully lay the floor in the upstairs bath, so we can reset the toilet and pedestal sink.

Jeff said that a house up the street went on the market yesterday.  It is a nice home, similar in size to our Milwaukee house…so I anxiously searched the listings and they have it on the market for 259K.. I looked through the photos…It does have a finished basement, but other than that, I didn’t think that it outshone our Milwaukee house.  Our house will be a blank slate.  Someone will love it and appreciate what a great family home it is.  Not to mention all the updates that are done…all neutral colors and easy to picture making it their own.

I was looking through facebook yesterday and saw a comic about one more hot flash and I will have the car defrosted….I felt that way around 2 am the other night and stood on the step in my PJs and felt that I could have melted 1/2 the snow from the yard on how hot I was… Last night at the Christmas party, we were getting ready to leave and I got so darn hot I thought OMG..I am going to pass out right here.  As I was eyeing the door to leave, we got stopped by everyone..I had sweat running down my back and was miserable.  We finally got to the parking lot and I didn’t even put on my coat…the ice cold air felt so good, I did not cool down until we got out of the car at Menards.  I put my coat on for “just in case” and quickly removed it when we got into the store.  arggg..not sure if it is the medications I am on for my bronchitis or what the heck the deal was…these were like super nova hot flashes compared to what I normally have.

When I got to work yesterday, everyone wanted to know what the doctor said..Acute bronchitis.  I said but on a good note, he put me on steroids so my joints won’t ache for a few weeks 😉  I like that side effect.  My agent said speaking of joint aches, he has an old sports injury in his wrist joint and he was telling me about this natural suave.  He is not one of those type of people that goes for the magic of snake oils- yes, you all know someone like that- he was genuine, sincere and said he could not believe the difference that this stuff makes.  Well, Jeff with his back and me with my joints, I was all ears.

It is a hemp oil suave and he had heard about it from someone that had been using it and thought, this is worth a try..he said his 90 year old dad uses it and swears by it.  So I thought what the heck.  I headed to Wayne & Marys to find this miracle stuff.  It is all natural, I won’t try it until I am off my current meds for the bronchitis.  But Jeff may give it  a go.  It is expensive…almost 70 for a small jar of it, but it sounds like it just takes a dab of it.  Let’s face it, we have all spent money on stupid stuff, so I figured it was worth a shot because if it gives relief of those achy crappy things…well worth it.  He said he had forgotten to put a dab on one day and he really noticed the pain that came with forgetting..

time to find the laundry and get it sorted and washed and start this day..  I will count my blessings and give thanks for all that comes with the day.  I hope when sunrise comes that I will see a beautiful hoar frost morning.




Our golf course is being a recipient of a fund raiser.  A few people got together and decided to team up with a sporting goods store and they did calendars.  You purchase a calendar and you have the opportunity to win a prize every week of the year.  Our friend Galen indicated he was struggling getting the calendars sold so Jeff gave it a try.  In 4 days we sold 58 calendars.  Jeff turned everything in last night.  The funny thing about it was that our fine city got their panties in a bunch over this whole calendar fund raising thing.  They said that you need a permit from the City for a raffle.  Well, if the golf course is not doing it, and the people involved do not live in Canton, but rather in the outlying community…why is a permit necessary from the city?  No wonder it is so difficult to get shit done around here…But in any case, we are hoping for a new roof at the clubhouse for this fund raising effort.  Jeff said that our friend Bonnie had sold 500 of them!  wow!

Cade came to play last night.  He was fun and happy.  When his dad and grandpa left for bowling he decided that it was time for a bottle and bed.  So he was down at 7:30 and I went to sleep too.

I took off work yesterday at 3 and went to the clinic and was seen.  I was given z pack and steroids again.  I actually slept last night, I moved from room to room, but I slept.  I slept in the recliner, I slept in the spare room, I stood outside when I got boiling hot…so it was an active night, but I got some good sleep in.

Tonight Jeff & I will head to my Christmas Party for work.  It is at the country club in Sioux Falls.  We will eat and visit.  It is not highly organized and that is nice.

I was home early enough yesterday that it was still light out and the turkeys have been very busy in the back yard.  The birds and squirrels have been busy too.  I would estimate that they have ate most of the 60lbs of feed that I put out last weekend.  So it will be replenished this weekend.

Met with Jim Woods about the 211 roof and they will roof it on Saturday.  Saturday the flooring will start going in upstairs at the 205 house.  We have several people interested and that will be a Godsend to actually be able to start showing people the house in a few more weeks.

Time to embrace this day and give thanks for all the little things in it.


The time is just a flying by.  Got a text from my Uncle Mike yesterday.  Sounds like life is good there.  Typical of all of us- work work and some play.

It is the time of year that we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark….but the winter solstice is coming in a few weeks and the days will begin to get longer again!  It is the little things we look forward to.  I see by the tracks in the snow that are lit by my headlights that the turkeys have been visiting.  Looking forward to Saturday so that perhaps I will see them!

I have been a slug and have done minimal work at the Milwaukee street house this week.  Jeff has been working hard there.  I am fighting a cold and just can’t quite get over the hump.  I have been asleep by 7-7:30 every evening…Maybe today I will try to get to an acute care clinic.

The cat has been doing her cat job and has caught two mice this week….She displayed the one yesterday on the rug in front of the door where you come in to the kitchen.  Thankful that she displayed it there for our approval…she could have picked an inconvenient spot.  So it is the little things I am thankful for.



Yesterday was a day to get caught up at home for me.  Terri was disappointed that I had not decorated the tree, so I got that done early.  I put away all the laundry I failed to put away last week and delved into doing the rest of the laundry.  I cleaned our bedroom, took a garbage bag of clothes out of my closet to donate along with any shoes I have not worn in the last year.  It was a heavy bag and freed up a good deal of closet space.   I vacuumed the living room and generally tidied up.

The kids came around 4ish and we moved furniture in the living room so Terri could take pictures of Travis, Kelsey, Cade and Morgan for their Christmas card.  It was nice with the fire in the fireplace and the Christmas tree all decked out.  Morgan was so excited to be here!  Cade was indifferent, but we got him to smile on a few of the pictures.

Cade is now exploring.  He pulls himself up and forgets that he hasn’t learned to walk yet and crashes and burns.  He is very curious and is working hard to mimic.

Jeff worked at the Milwuakee house until two then came home to spoil Cade.  Cade liked it best when we were both there, if one of us disappeared he got concerned.  He eats around 5 pm so I made a plate of ham and carrots that they had brought for him.  I felt I was being generous with the portion and had a salad sized plate covered with the food.  I let him feed himself and the cat waited patiently on the floor for the ham pieces to fall.  He ate the entire plate.  He drank a sippy cup of water then was ready to play.

I gave him a bottle and he snoozed for about 2 minutes and was ready to play.  He was happy all evening and we put him down for the night around 8.  Not a peep.  He went to sleep and is still sleeping.  He is such a blessing.

We had freezing fog on Friday and it started drizzling late in the day.  We had a good coat of ice on everything yesterday before the snow and wind came.  Jeff & I had stocked up on birdseed and corn at Bomgaars and I filled all the feeders and troughs.  Our backyard was lively with juncos, sparrows, blue jays and squirrels yesterday.  My heated critter water bowl quit last year and watching the squirrels wait by the downspouts for a drip of water made me feel bad.

I put down a bag of corn and will wait until turkeys find that before I put down more.  The salt block has seen a lot of action, not sure which critter likes it, but it is slowly being consumed.

The north neighbor dog Mia went through here yesterday- every now and then she gets a wild hair and goes on the lam.  I didn’t see a frantic post from Laura so I am assuming Mia went home quickly.  Haven’t seen Mattie for a few days…but maybe he will swing by today for his treat.

I am still fighting a cold, it is merely an inconvenience with runny nose and night cough.  I am monitoring it closely- I don’t want a repeat of September…

I think I will make chili today.  Watching the snow fly makes it a good day for that.  I should head to the woodshed sometime today and get more wood.  That fireplace sure warmed up the living room to a point of being HOT yesterday..or should I say cozy.

Life is good-I count my blessings daily and appreciate life in general.  No big plans for the day other than to be enthralled by watching Cade learn.  He should be waking up soon to greet the day, and this grandma needs one more cup of coffee before he does!


I have been swamped this week with meetings at work.  It has put me a little bit behind with my real work load.  But it is what it is.

Terri stopped last night to see Cade but I had already got him to sleep and he was sound asleep in the pack in play in the bedroom.  I didn’t want to cuddle too much with him due to my cold.  I have a lot of ladies at work that are grandmas and one decided to weed out her grandma stash of toys and gifted me some amazing grandma toys.  I had bought this one fun toy at Barb’s rummage this summer and it is a stand up activity center.  We had the legs off it for quite a while and Cade played with it on the floor.  Well the legs have been back on it for a few weeks and he stands beside it and plays and loves it.

My grandma toys from my gal pal at work was another stand and play activity center, a little tykes rocking horse-low to the ground and Cade size.  a wagon full of mega blocks and when Cade is here, we bring his toys out and it looks like a daycare.  I bought him a toy remote control which rarely leaves his hands when he is here.

Last night he was sitting beside the activity center and just like that, he stood up!  Milestone..the look on Travis’ face was priceless.  Cade did it again later.  I told Travis that he did it with such ease that I bet he had been doing it at daycare.  Soon there will be no stopping him!  He is in 24 month clothes and it won’t be long and he will be out of those.  He will be a year in March.

We will have him this weekend- Travis has his Christmas party and him and Kelsey are going.  We are supposed to get a snow storm so Cade may arrive early and go home late Sunday.  The Christmas party is a real big event…last year they gave away a car and other amazing prizes and Travis does not want to miss out on that.

So we will have the gift of Cade.

Today, I will probably take off around 1 or 2 instead of noon, I will head to the grocery store and stock up on food.  Because it sounds like I will actually be home to cook it.

Time to embrace this foggy morning and see how the day shakes out.


Happy Birthday to my brother Mark!

The 42″ vent hood arrived yesterday and last night Jeff & I installed it.  He was more of the installer and I was more of the holder.  We got the stove and dishwasher ordered and will soon find the fridge to order.

Flooring starts on December 7th.  Jeff has been working hard on getting the basement ready to paint.  I managed to carry the stack of bricks up and put them on the trailer.  There was piping and valves from the old boiler that needed to come up too.  I finished all the shelf liners up.  I brought my quilting cutting supplies to do this and it went alot quicker than the first rounds.  I put a coat of gloss on the cupboards on the stove side and started on the sink side.  I just need to buff those and put a coat of gloss on them and that “to do” will be done and I will be able to help Jeff downstairs.

I had an iffy stomach on Monday and Tuesday and wasn’t really brave enough to eat much yesterday…it wasn’t bad enough to throw up or anything, just an icky stomach and now I have a cold.  This age thing is weird…I am never sick, but now I seem to catch any thing that might be going around.

Time to embrace this day and all that comes with it…and brace ourselves for impending snow that is supposed to arrive Saturday.  Today we have ice covered roads…but, it is just another day in South Dakota.

Tree is up…..

So after three trips down to the basement, the tree is up!  It looks so cozy and pretty next to the fireplace in the corner that I am actually debating on decorating it.  The bright lights seem to be decoration enough.

Or maybe I hate the thought of arousing so many memories by getting out the Christmas ornaments.  When the kids used to help me, it was fun remembering each ornament and where it came from…now, by ourselves, it is at times almost heartbreaking as the various ornaments are unwrapped and the memories flood in…

Maybe I will wait and have Terri help me decorate the tree- it makes it easier and not to mention, a different perspective when it is an event to decorate the tree rather than a chore…..

My perspective on the morning.  Memories are good…missing the times had is rather sad, we have so many opportunities everyday for new memories and I should look forward to those, rather than look back.

Time to embrace this day…